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Gorgeous, fun, how can you go wrong?

posted by R3C0NXD45 (CASTLE ROCK, CO) Mar 8, 2014

Member since Oct 2012

Seriously though. I love everything about it. Mechanics are better, graphics are better, running is the best it's ever been. Going xbox 360 to ps4 is definitely a worthwhile upgrade.

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Very Good

Good but similar to 13

posted by piro3333 (PARADISE VALLEY, AZ) Mar 3, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

Not many new things but cool new ultimate team cards

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This game is AWFUL!

posted by Devagio (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Mar 2, 2014

Member since Mar 2014 I did the one month thing because I was reluctant to spend any money on this franchise. I was smart to do so. EA has become the equivalent of an abusive relationship and each year we as the consumer take another beating. This game....THIS SERIES is a waste of time and if you think otherwise you're either an idiot or you were introduced to Madden only in the past 5 years.....which would still make you an idiot for enjoying this atrocity. So where do I start? How about having to register an Origin account just to play online. Simply having a PSN or Microsoft account isn't enough because EA wants Origin to suddenly become the magical computer console that Steam already is. The game play is heavy. If you play games you know what this means. It's not realistic it feels like there is actual weight behind the players and moving is a chore. On top of that they took out a lot of in game stuff. Gameflow? Really? That is a default? Accelerated clock? IN A 5 MINUTE GAME? Come on. I know you can change it but they sacrificed a ton for what? Better looking grass and more realistic fans. Oh right! The fans who when I was playing as the Jets vs New England in Foxboro started chanting..."We want Smith!" WHILE HE WAS STARTING THE GAME!! WOOO! Just when I could give things a chance the ruined franchise mode with connected career. (Which I know was a Madden 13 installment) There is too much happening. You have to scout, check the media twitter feed. Deal with player relations and stadium upgrades all in season and that doesn't even count playing a game each week. If you do coach or player mode you only control that part. LAME we already had superstar mode in the past! Finally online mode. Can't do ranked games in the lobbies from what I saw and there's hardly anyone on. Maybe because they realize that this game is awful and they wasted $60. This isn't even about competition anymore because the NFLPA said they are EA partners. It's about a better product with fan input. BEWARE!

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