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Madden Of Duty

posted by AkhamKnight92 (ELSMERE, DE) Jun 2, 2014

Member since May 2014

Its turning into COD samething every year the only thing I like on this one is Owner Mode.

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Above Average

It's not bad

posted by joehomie31 (MESA, AZ) May 14, 2014

Member since Nov 2012

During my very 1st game, I counted several bugs. It wasn't anything horrible, but we all expect small bugs to be gone by the time the final version is created.
The menu is a little over complicated, but not a big deal.
The graphics are SLIGHTLY better than the PS3's madden25. I barely noticed a couple of differences when I looked closely at their skin, the visors, and maybe the crowd.
It didn't know how to update the rosters, even though many trades had been made during the season.
This is still a fun game to play against a friend, but other than that, I felt a little underwhelmed.
The game isn't bad, but I gave it a 6 because the same game is practically created every year, and there are still tons of buys and annoyances (Players Ice Skating)

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Could stand for improvements.

posted by TheFilth (WATERTOWN, NY) Apr 27, 2014

Member since Dec 2010

This is a good game, but could definitely stand for some improvements, the first area being realism. - The wide receivers drop passes way too often with little to no consistency, it literally seems like complete random generated douchebaggery that doesn't take into account anything like ball placement, being hit, etc.

The computer AI literally will act completely unrealistically to thwart you, sometimes pulling off impossible unrealistic moves that literally defy physics entirely. For example, say there is someone covering your wide receiver on the right side, and he's still running route and just passed by where you threw a bullet pass. He literally without turning around suddenly has eyes in the back of his head in a split second and does a logic-defying turn and immediately is there to thwart the zone where the ball is. And they do this in a way which is literally 200% impossible in real life.

The only thing that is really great about this game is the amount of features that it brings. There are already a lot of reviews and articles about that though, so there isn't much need to cover them.

Other than that, you can tell there was very little work done on the details, and the small things. From the fans chanting things that make absolutely no sense or have no relevance to the game, To the announcers telling you no less than 23 times in a single quarter that that there rookie Quarterback must be taking a sigh of relief on getting that first First Down that was made 20 plays ago.

Basically, to sum it up short. The game needs a lot of improvements, it has ENOUGH features, now fix the problems and take more time on the details, stop rushing releases. If the UFC game comes out with problems like this i'll be extremely disgusted.

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