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Good but not Great

posted by upsetgamer (PLAINVILLE, KS) Apr 10, 2013

Member since Mar 2004

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Good game but not great game because they took some things out that they shouldn't have and left in some things that shouldn't be in the game first the things they took out that they shouldn't have, They took out importing a player from NCAA football and they shouldn't have they took out playing a Franchise even thought it says you still can you really cant. They Left in the insane ability of Defensive Back and Linebackers to jump 10 ft off the ground when no Human ever can jump that high they also kept the running backs that run straight into a defensive player even when there is a hole big enough to drive a truck through right in front of them and they dance around instead of running the ball. Good Game just don't believe all the Hype

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The Best football sim...

posted by tallyn88 (BEAVERTON, OR) Sep 4, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

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Did come out this year! It's called NCAA 13. This poor NFL Version goes on and on about its new features, but tells you nothing about all the great ones it took away.

I will preface this with the reason I play the Madden games. Being a GM/coach. I rarely ever play the game Madden just to play football, I don't really enjoy online play and not a lot of my friends play Madden as much as me so I don't have any in person competition.

The Football playing is MUCH improved this year, defenses no longer have 360 degree vision, control of where you throw it is improved and all that but the AI still has a lot of problems mainly in the receiver route running section. A DB will NEVER misplay a ball in the air, if it is possible for them to make the play, they will. A WR will often run their route behind a stationary DB, and will almost never play the ball at the highest point. Even given those glaring problems, just for playing a single football game, this is the best Madden.

The real problem is the revamping of the "Franchise mode" into Connected Careers. Incredibly important features were removed that made this game the sports title I own copies of from 2001-2012. First you cannot actually use your custom rosters in this mode, so creating you or your friends into the game is only possible by importing draft classes. Second, you cannot fantasy draft a team anymore, meaning the only possible team combinations are those starting with the NFL right now to wherever you take it after you start the career. Third, the player version of connected careers is INCREDIBLY tedious, I made myself a top pick QB and couldn't surpass Alex Smith for the starting job even into my second season, because I couldn't improve more then 1-2 overall points per season. Fourth, simulating practices as a coach or player gains you NOTHING meaning you basically have to do it or you dont get better.

Character limit is cutting me off. Save yourself money, buy NCAA 13.

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Above Average

Freezes on me and forced play style is really bad

posted by BrianKane (INVER GROVE HEIGHTS, MN) Sep 10, 2012

Member since Jul 2009

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The new "physics" brings on some better looking tackles and catches but after a play everybody has a "rag doll" effect to them to which they just flop around falling all over each other. Pretty funny but in a dumb way. The Franchise mode brought back individual manual player upgrades which is great. You can turn a rookie QB into a superstar in 1 season. The Coach and Player legends are fun to use. Then there are some major annoyances. They slightly cut down on the Superman linebackers who use to fly 20 feet in the air to block passes but they didn't totally get rid of it. In place of that they made every defensive back and linebacker with a Jerry Rice catching rating. I swear it's not my passing game, it's the CPU. They will easily intercept 10 passes a game. I had to go into the options and lower the interception rating for the CPU. While setting up your franchise options you can turn the Play Calling from Gameflow to Conventional but this does absolutely nothing. Every game I have to go into the options and change it to conventional. Also, depending on the team you pick, they force you to use a specific type of offense and defense which affects your player's ratings. Example: I use the Vikings which uses a West Coast offense and a Tampa 2 defense and no matter which playbooks I choose or coach I have they still rate your players on the West Coast and Tampa 2 which means that in order to get the highest rating out of my players I need to pick up players that strictly fit into the set offense and defense whether I like it or not. You can go into a Strategy Menu and change some things around such as a speedy DT or Man 2 Man coverage for you DBs but it will always switch it back to what your teams set offense and defense is. Very annoying and pointless to have. The Auto Save never works which may not seem like a problem except for the fact that THE GAME CONSTANTLY FREEZES so I have to start everything all over again. Just because of this I'm ready to sell it

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