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Come on :/

posted by Jguy2015 (NORTH JACKSON, OH) Jul 6, 2013

Member since Jul 2013

All things accounted for I think the ideas were good. They just couldn't quite execute. I absolutely hate that they took the fantasy draft out. And the other reviewers are right, there is no franchise mode. But that's because they gave it a new name, Connected Careers. If you play as a coach, it is pretty much the same thing, except for a few touch ups that I do not approve of. For example, I liked the potential system of past Maddens. Now, sitting your 1st round pick behind your veteran for a year does absolutely nothing. It is simply a wasted year. The new skill points do not accumulate fast enough to really do anything with, and as I said, young guys who do not produce a whole lot will not earn hardly any. Another smaller pet peeve of mine is the lack of mobile quarterbacks available in the drafts. Over 20 seasons of dreadful, arduous and bland of being a coach, I encountered only 3 quarterbacks with a speed of 80+ worth drafting, one of which had an agility rating of 68 and acceleration rating of 79. How does that happen? TODAY'S NFL quarterbacks are evolving into mobile playmakers, but Madden 13 contains, usually 1 per year, a surefire top pick at QB with a speed below 60... -.- Also, as I said before, I endured 20 seasons as a coach, simply because Madden is the only game I own worth a hoot. It feels like the same thing every day. On All-Pro difficulty, I constantly bully the AI, winning by a margin of no less than 50... On All-Madden, your RB with a carry rating of 99 fumbles 3 or 4 times a game and their 180 lb. RB with a trucking rating of 50 suddenly can't be brought down. With an entire offensive line of pro bowlers, you have exactly 2-2.5 seconds to throw the ball. Doesn't matter how bad the opposing D-line is.
This game leaves me saying, "Come on...seriously?". Unfortunately I wasted $60 on it too... So please, rent it, judge it for yourself, because some people do like it. But coming from a guy who plays madden all day, please, don't waste your mone

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GF Rating

Very Good

madden 13

posted by stough123 (YORK, PA) Jun 10, 2013

Member since May 2013

Read a lot of bad things bout this game but I always have to see for my self. Well when I got the game I could not stop playin it special. Ultimate madden fun love it only thing bad is cnt do franchise

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Why Madden, Why?

posted by Kornyruckus (AURORA, CO) May 24, 2013

Member since Jun 2012

I haven't played an NFL game for a few years, and I had a craving to play again. I enjoy the full experience of playing football: Quarterback, receiver, defense, special teams; the whole thing. With this Madden, (and possible others, I don't know) in "Career" mode, you create your player, (i.e. QB, WR, DE, etc.) and you can only play that character. During games, if you play defense, you only play defense. You have to hope that the offense can score points. As the QB, you throw the ball, and hope for the AI to catch the ball. No control of the receiver, or the punter, or the kicker. This game lost all of its fun within 10 minutes of starting. I sent it back, and never looked back.

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