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Madden 12 (EA Drops the ball yet again)

posted by ManiaC00L (WHITE HAVEN, PA) Sep 9, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

5 out of 8 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

With the capabilities of the PS3 and X360 YOU WOULD EXPECT to see a monumental accomplishment of smooth game play with a new fresh unique style.. Well it's a new and unique alright but as far as organized and enjoyable good luck. The controls once you spend the first month mastering them are a complete let down. The graphics remind me of something out of the Dreamcast era and don't even get me started on the commentary. They get about 2 out of three calls right literally. By far EA's worst but somehow most highly acclaimed release. I was thoroughly disappointed and have decided to boycott EA games. This abysmal release along with the fact that they have the audacity to make you purchase their titles to get online enabled has done me in for good on there entire Madden Franchise. It's completely ridiculous that a team of game designers who specifically handle Madden each year can't get it right.. I mean come on guys your loosing so much support that's why you invested so much into the release of this year's trash because you new people would be weary and we we're right to be.. Please please please for the love of god...... someone out there (who actually cares about FOOTBALL and not greed) start designing sports games. Specifically Football and compete with the conglomerate monopoly that has become EA Sports.
Save your money. I seriously enjoyed Madden 11 for PS2 10x more then this garbage for PS3..

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Same old madded new bugs

posted by datfirejak (OCALA, FL) Sep 7, 2011

Member since Sep 2010

5 out of 8 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

overall there are some nice improvements to the game this year. i really liked how the running game felt as well as the tackling system.

The problem is the ai is still flukey. If your a hardcore madden fan expect to customize your playbook because the plays the ai calls are really bad at times. When turning up the difficulty the game doesn't challenge you it just screws you over just like in years past. The ai will make amazing plays that you could never do as a human.

As for online the few games i played laged just like old maddens which is a shame since its a 1vs 1 game.

The otp or online team play mode which is 3 on 3 football was a huge disappointment. Coming from the nhl series and how well the otp system works, madden has a long way to go. Overall it suffered from lag issues as well as the over all feel just felt off.

The major disappointments are the bugs in this game. New bugs have arisen that have not been in the madden series with menus freezing and locking up, players disappearing , the game not recognizing the proper nfl rules(2 teams are tied in ot in playoffs it continues not just ends), and to top it off the commentary is still average at best.

overall madden 12 is plagued with bugs and issues that have plagued it for years. some nice improvements with the running game and tackiling are nice but i just don't see the quality i use to back from the ps2 days . Too many features have been cut out and to many basic mistakes overall. In my opinion i am glade i have game fly to remind me why i stopped buying the madden series 8 years ago.

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best sport game ever

posted by zacharyeryn (crystal lake, IL) Dec 8, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

3 out of 5 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

this is one of the funnist most best graphic game i have ever played in my live i love all of the mini games that you can do. and you can make like the best team in the world and you can play a season and i know you can do that in almost every single madden game but this one is the best the only thing that stinks is that if you make an amazing team if it is to good you can not play a season with that team.but if you get this game it will change your life with that is why i rate this game a 10.

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