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Worst madden ever

posted by mike11 (SHADY SPRING, WV) Aug 31, 2010

Member since Dec 2006

This might be worst madden game I have ever played selling after playing a few weeks ea needscto let someone that knows how to make games take over madden series slowed it down almost impossible to play good defense took away sprint button and on offense guys makes ridiculas catches one thing I can say good is they made big improvements in running game but rest of it is garbage if u want a good game get NCAA 11

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Same as always

posted by miclarry10 (ALBUQUERQUE, NM) Aug 28, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

this game is pretty cool but for some reason i feel that madden 06 is better but thats just me so it is up to u to rate this game

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How can anyone think this game is good?

posted by GWARRRRRR (CASTRO VALLEY, CA) Aug 26, 2010

Member since Apr 2008

This is the WORST sports simulator game in history. Not just the worst madden game, the worst sports game period. Even if the game is supposed to be an arcade game, its still HORRIBLE.

Let me walk you through a typical game on All-Madden difficulty.

1) No matter who the tackler is or who the ball carrier is, they will ALWAYS break the first tackle, no matter what. You could jump the snap count with Patrick Willis and be in the face of the running back the very second he got the ball and he will break the tackle, guaranteed.

2) After he breaks the tackle, he will proceed to walk up the middle since none of your defenders will be able to shed ONE block, not one. Doesnt matter whos on the O-line or D-line. You will not get to the ball carrier until at least an 8 yard gain.

3) Sticking with broken tackles, WRs on the opposing team will have the same super power. no matter the tackler the WR will break the tackle.

4) Lets say you get a lucky move and actually get by an O-lineman. Dont expect to get a sack cuz the QB will get rid of it right before you hit him. EVERY TIME. then the ball will float in the air as you wait under it, just to have it bounce off your cement hands cuz you will NEVER intercept the ball.

1) Here we go your team has the ball down 7-0 cuz the other QB went 10-10 for 100 yards for the TD. You want to run the ball so you hand it off just to be met by 4 300lb lineman. Your O-line will NEVER block for you. EVER. sometimes they will be looking the lineman directly in the eyes and turn away from him and just let you get smoked.

2) Dont try to EVER do a Play action pass or a deep route of any kind because you will never have enough time to throw. All pass rushers will be in your face in .24 seconds, guaranteed.

3) Dont try to break a tackle because it will never work and just make you fumble. again doesnt matter who has the ball.

4) If a defender is anywhere near your WR. DONT THROW IT. because they will intercept it everytime.

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