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What the...

posted by Hadouken81 (CHAMPAIGN, IL) Aug 12, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

12 out of 17 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

I didn't play last year's Madden, so I was surprised to see they stripped down the franchise & superstar modes. I have no interest in playing this online, so all I can say is I'm glad I got this from Gamefly and didn't actually buy it.

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Another head scratcher

posted by bmyze316 (WATERVLIET, NY) Aug 11, 2010

Member since Jul 2009

31 out of 50 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

As a hard core Madden fanatic I am extremely disappointed with this piece of garbage. I only rate it a 1 to counteract the IDIOTS that give this an 8,9, or 10. My real rating would be a 5 or 6.

Where is the my music option that is available in NHL2010? That game is EA as well, there is no excuse for this. It is the year 2010 now and I still can't put my own music in the game, completely MIND BOGGLING.

NCAA has a great no huddle feature, when you run no huddle your plays pop up on the screen allowing you to have access to your whole playbook just like in the real game. But for some weird reason this AWESOME feature is totally missing in Madden. Instead you have about 4 or 5 choices of plays and your opponent if your playing on the same system can see exactly what you pick. My highschool football team had more play options during the hurry up than the NFL teams on Madden, WHY?

The strategy pad is an absolute FAIL. Instead of pressing triangle, L1, or L2 for hot routes, Line audibles, etc. they have added another 2 steps to this process making it harder to make quick pre-play adjustments before the snap. Even after the experienced Madden player gets used to this they have still added 2 more steps no matter how you look at it. Plus EA has made it hard to get used to both NCAA and Madden, not exactly a great business model.

The menus once again are SLOW. We want fast menus that change with a quick tap of the L2 or L1. we do not want to hold the L2 then press down to get to the position in the depth chart, VERY annoying but this problem is not specific to this years madden it has existed ever since the conversion to PS3/360.

dropped i.n.t.'s, horrible zone coverage, messed up ratings, and many other problems i could name. The Madden for PS2 that had QB vision remains the best Madden ever. Complex, hard on All Madden and making the qb actually look where he is passing. but maybe the elementary school kids will have fun with this SIMPLE madden. adults
stick w/NCAA

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I was hopeing for a little more :(

posted by DarkBishop (STERLING, VA) Aug 27, 2010

Member since Nov 2004

7 out of 11 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

Like many, I am a huge fan of the Madden series. This installment of the game is awesome in its own way but veteran players will find these new features/options annoying. Lets start with Game Flow. If you are new to the game this will be an incredible feature, something that no other football game offers, however if you are a veteran of the series it will just frustrate you. Veterans of the series should be able to quickly navigate through the options and disable this feature like I did upon starting the game, I knew upfront I would not like this feature. Considering that Game Flow is new technology, it should be given a chance to mature into something everyone will appreciate.

Next is the Auto Turbo and Auto Strafe feature. If you are new to the game this feature when turned on will allow a more enjoyable experience when playing. For veterans, just turn the darn thing off.

Visually the game is outstanding, the graphics could not have been better. Veterans of the game will wish EA had spent a little more time focusing on game play rather than making it pretty.

The addition of Gus Johnson to commentate is questionable, he can get a little annoying at times for both new players and veterans.

Where to start with game play, this installment was definitely designed for the casual player. It seems that every skill level was lowered to make the game more enjoyable for the casual player. I am in no way a great Madden player but I should not have to increase the skill level to All Madden to be challenged. In earlier installments the Pro level was fun and challenging. Now on Pro, I consistently beat the computer with an average score of 67 to 10. Considering this even a new player will find this boring after a franchise year. Also many aspects of the game seem to run a little slower than usual i.e. menus, play calling and game play.

There is a lot more to rant about but no characters left. I can't comment on online play because I don't do much of it

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