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A true review from a true gamer

posted by RayD13 (TEMECULA, CA) Jun 1, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

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ok first of all i see a lot of reviews on here that are the same.." its to hard the game is horrible cant play" or like this too "the play calling system calls awful plays" well dont play the game if you dont know how to play.. this game is made for the true gamers not little girls who complain about games they cant play other than call of duty or battlefield. madden gets better each year and this madden is the best of them all, its got killer graphics the gameplay is very smooth and realistic and you can also choose to have the computer call the plays for you which i do use sometimes and there very effective plays, only thing i dont like is online gameply its to laggy and glitchy and i cant even finish a game cuz the other player backs out of it.. also to those who dont like the playcallling system or the auto sprint you can take them off in the options menu, duhhh! play this game guys its the best madden yet. see you on the field!

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Tried to like it...

posted by teler2 (ELMENDORF AFB, AK) Aug 12, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

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I buy madden every year. Dont' know why, haven't liked one since '02 or something...

This year boasts a "new" play-calling system to improve the flow of the game. Basically you press "x" and the computer calls you a play. Not really new, considering the computer has been calling your plays in Superstar mode for years...and the "Ask Madden" feature serves roughly the same purpose. Biggest problem with letting the computer call your plays is, well, it calls awful plays.

Superstar mode is almost entirely unchanged this year. Franchise mode continues to get worse every year it seems. Miss the old days when you actually controlled things like, how much your charging for popcorn in your stadium. Long gone. Only boring remains. This year's offers little in the ways of ownership responsibilities, if any.

Difficulty settings still driving me crazy on this year's madden. Pro is too easy, All-Pro--not so much. All-Madden is out of the question. Is it feasible to create a "realistic" difficulty setting, where everything kinda happens the way it's supposed to? No 12 interceptions in the first half which I may have done the first time I tried playing All-Madden mode....Just saying...I'd like everything to act the way it SHOULD.

New online feature this year is "Ultimate Team." Idea is kinda cool, you buy packs of cards containing players that you assemble into a team, which you compete with against other players. Unfortunately, I tend to experience freezes and crashes after completing games, but before, apparently, they award any credit for playing the game. So no coins, no evidence you played the game at all. Which brings me to the coins--there aren't enough of them. It's tough to keep your team going. But fear not, EA has your solution. Cash-money for coins, for your convenience. Topping out at $49.99 for 200,000 coins. Greedy much?

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Above Average

Same old, Same old.

posted by wytebud (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Aug 11, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

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This is pretty much the exact same game as last years. They changed VERY LITTLE. Except now apparently they don't want you choosing the plays anymore. I already know that the computer likes to cheat when playing on all-madden or my skill level. Which is actually harder than all madden. And now that cheating computer gets to choose my plays? No thanks! I'll stick with conventional play calling.
Graphics look a little better. Really I'm just stoked to be playing as Tim Tebow. Sure it's the same madden as last year, but they've always done that. Make you think you're getting a different game when they should just update the roster on last years so we can all keep playing without buying the new Madden.
Play calling gets mixed up a little. Now there's a guy who sounds like an announcer but he tries too much. And the things he says are the same thing the announcers said last year.
I get Madden every year and this year I don't know if I'll buy it or not. They need to throw workouts back in franchise mode so it seems like there's a purpose to the off-season.
There should be a better updating roster and music support. It would be nice to see more single player game modes too.

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