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I Understand The Disapointment

posted by Chuckelz39 (WINNETKA, CA) Aug 13, 2010

Member since Jun 2008

I am a huge fan of Madden. I have bought the game every year since 06. I was expecting so much this year after all of the hype. I was sad to see that there was really no changes at all. Sure the graphics and the Gameflo are new changes but some of the major game modes were completely untouched by EA. Franchise has always been my favorite part of Madden. I love playing NCAA and importing my players and watching them develope into superstars. Im still able to do this, but i would much rather be doing it with a franchise mode thats different than the previous year. The only changes made to franchise were the picture that are displayed during the offseason. Superstar mode was untouched and has downgraded each year in my opinion. In 06 you had control of the whole team so you could choose to be a ball hog or actually use the rest of your team. 07 had the first over the shoulder view. 08 gave more of an off field experience with interviews etc. 09 was lost all interviews and was boring. 10 made it even worse. 11 is the exact same thing as 10. As for the thing that most people have been complaining about, defense. Defense really is not that difficult. I play on All-Madden and sure i lose a tackle every once in a while but that happens in the NFL. I still make the majority of my tackles. I havent had a single game lag yet so I dont know what you people are complaining about. I think the game is great with the exception of Superstar and Franchise. I recommend this game to everyone for the game play only.

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Very Good

High and low points

posted by LordNoNog (THE DALLES, OR) Aug 13, 2010

Member since Oct 2006

So I have played this game for a while It has many nice features. No more golf like kickoffs. Plays are more fluid with a better coaching AI. Franchises are fun and the single player experience is over all very entertaining. It keeps your stats up to date with whats going on in the NFL so drafts are kept updated as well as injury's. There are tons of things to do on single player which is guaranteed hours of fun/

However there is one thing that turned this game from a 10 as far as sporting games go dropped my score to 8. That is the online play. Not only have you purchased the game but you have to subscribe to play online. Did I not already do this with Xbox live? So instead of playing online for free like all the other Madden games you now have to pay a subscription. They also have many small features to help boost your online skills more. This also costs money using coins. Sounding familiar?
Lots of failed mmo's that are now free use this method. This might make sense if this were an MMO but its a football game.

If you are into Madden games this should not disappoint. And some die hard fans might like the online play however for me its a total turn off. I enjoyed this game so far. Can not wait to see what ells comes out in the future.

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madden downgraded

posted by billyb1023 (TINTON FALLS, NJ) Aug 12, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

I bought madden when it came out as i do every year. The graphics are unreal. But thats where all the good ends. The gameplay is unreal and 10s version blows away 11 in gameplay. If you want to play dont buy it as im returning mine tommorow. just rent it

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