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posted by mattr25 (PHOENIX, AZ) Aug 13, 2010

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Member since Dec 2006

At first this looks to be a good Madden game, I mean finally it's been three years. Until you start playing, the game when you are not the be the pro guy big time blows chunks, there is no defense, there is no point to trying to play defense. Offensively it is simple, pass the ball, the gameflow is worthless for defense, not just because there is no defense. It touts it being authentic and what real teams would do, defensively speaking, it picks the wrong play every time.

Granted there is no defense to speak of anyway, however watching a guy running an extra 15-20 yeards because there was no defender gets old really fast. Offensively it picks the absolute worst plays every time, well close anyway. Need three yards on third down, run up the middle when they are stacked for exactly that. 1st and 10 on the opponent 11, long pass.

When you are doing be a pro mode, be ready to watch alot of video because you can't skip very well. When you are out there it's not bad after the play it sets again and lets you go to play fairly quickly, time out or big play you have to watch a video for twenty seconds. There is no commentator to speak of, generally best to play muted. There is practice and pre season scrimmage that are totally pointless after the first time when you see what you are doing.

The controls are not that bad, no speed burst which is really a non issue it does it for you. Graphically it's leaps and bounds beyond NCAA of this year, not that it is hard. Gameplay wise, there is no reason to do multiplayer, there's no defense, offense is simply pass. Be the pro isn't really much better, the gameflow nonsense is still there and ruins the play calling, the only upside is being a defender and actually making a difference. If your offense even plays of course. Offensively speaking the only viable position is QB because you can audible, with not very many plays. Slant up the middle is all you need really, there's still no defense.

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Decent game but nowhere near great!!!

posted by BamaMark (GURLEY, AL) Aug 13, 2010

Member since Mar 2007

The graphics are great but the downsides make this not a very good game. First you took away my sprint button which I LOVED. Now you rely totally on the given speed by the programmers and nothing else. You have the very choppy online games where the lag is so bad you don't even care if you lose any more. The running is decent and the catching is all automated so its really dumbed down. As many have said before, you can know what the offense is going to do but you will not stop it. Stick with NCAA 11 if you want to play a real game where even on defense you have a chance to win. Madden should be embarrassed for coming out with this one!

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great game

posted by gameengine (LEBANON, OH) Aug 13, 2010

Member since Feb 2009

This game is great. At first i did not care for it too much because of all the changes, but once you get accustomed to them you will enjoy this game. It is by far the realist madden to date. The passing is much easier than last year and the running is more difficult from last year. If you do not enjoy this game then you do not enjoy a realisitc feel for the game. The main thing i like about this game is there is no more picking the Titans with Chris Johnson, no more picking the Vikings with AP, no more picking a fast runningback team and running sweeps to the outside for 35 yard gains all the time. You have to actually no the game of football a little bit to play well. Audibling is a big part on offense and defense. You can not strictly rely on speed this year as you could in past years you have to now rely more on your knowledge for the sport and more on reading blocks and hitting holes correctly. I do think that this game could be a little bit more smoother in the secondary defense as NCAA was. But all in all if you are a big football fan not MADDEN fan but FOOTBALL FAN i think you will enjoy this game. It's not like maddens from the past its a whole new madden era that started this year and i think it's for the better. If you enjoy all the stupid stuff like rushing for 400 yards a game with a fast HB and constinatly running the same play over and over again for huge games then u will hate madden 11. If you like like REALISTIC style football then this is by far the best madden to date.

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