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Advertising, advertising, advertising!

posted by DiscoStu (SEATTLE, WA) Dec 25, 2010

Member since Apr 2006

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I have never written a game review before but Madden 11 inspired me to pop my review cherry! I was excited to dive into this game, I was playing Madden 08 while I waited for the 2011 version to arrive. Holy cow was I disappointed! Its the same game with a few minor changes! There is advertising all over this game! Everything you do is sponsored by some big corporation! There are pop up adds for jack in the box and others all game long! You can not play the game for longer than a min. without having some type of advertisement shoved down your throat! Every change they made was simply to make them more money! You have to PAY MONEY to get the full online experience! Come on EA! I have lost all respect for you!

EA has joined many other game developers in ripping the public off! It is sad that it is very rare to buy a complete game! So many titles are released than a week later they release DLC (New maps, guns, teams, characters, ect..) that should of came with the game you just payed 60 bucks for!

The fact that EA charges for the full online experience when you already have to pay for xbox live is very disturbing! Dont pay it! Dont let this trend gain momentum!

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This is the (....same) EXTRA POINT

posted by PhRoZyN311 (HOUSTON, TX) Aug 12, 2010

Member since Sep 2006

7 out of 11 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

Madden NFL:

- Better Animation
- Better Commentation
- I rather enjoy the Gameflo feature.
- Updated rosters

- Not a whole lot of improvement from Madden 10
- Defending is tough! The quarterback is able to throw accurate passes even when getting completely wrecked by the defense.
- Unrealistic plays happen. (i.e. a qb will throw way in front or behind receiver, yet they somehow boost speed or impossibly catch the ball).
- THIS IS MY BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT - The EXTRA POINT during Franchise Mode is the EXACT SAME. Are you kidding me? No enhancements? I loved the Extra Point in Madden 10, but that doesn't mean I want it to be the same from Madden to Madden. Do something cool with it... Somehow make it better. NOTHING. Say dialogue same EVERYTHING! WEAK.

Madden 11 is cool, I like the coach speaking before the play happens, but it isn't a whole lot different from Madden 10.

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Thank God for 2012!!!

posted by ReviewThis (SAINT PETERSBURG, FL) Aug 11, 2010

Member since Apr 2008

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2012 we can all rejoice IF the NFL does not renew it's contract with EA.

I agree 100% with 25TaLife. This game is so watered down now, it's not even worth it to me. You want to play football then get NCAA Football 11. It is leaps and bounds better than Madden. If you want more details then read 25TaLife's review because it's spot on.

Audibles are horrific. No huddle in NCAA is where it's at.

D-pad Hot Routes, Dline shifts, LB shifts and DB shifts while NCAA sticks with the buttons?! WTH!!!

Don't worry about playing defense. Just make sure your the last one with the ball.

Thanks for trying EA even though you didn't.


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