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Madden NFL 11 - A Broken Game

posted by PocketDan (SCHAUMBURG, IL) Oct 25, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

6 out of 9 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

The way I review games is to start every game at a perfect 10 and deduct or award points based on what I like and don't like. Here goes.

Let's start with what's most obvious upon starting your first game in Madden 11. The announcers are atrocious! Most of the dialogue you hear will sound all too familiar to anyone who played last year's edition.
-1 point

Upon further play, you begin to realize how ridiculously often animations and dialogue are repeated, and the overall presentation of the game could have used some work.
-1 point

The voicing and presentation only gets worse from there. Whether it's the tiring repetition of big play animations or trying your very best to skip through the exact same pre game routines, the game gets tiring. It takes you out of the experience of feeling like your'e playing a televised game and reminds you that you are playing a rushed to release video game. The silliest flaw is that no matter what happens; a fumble recovery, a 1yd run, or an incomplete pass, if it happens at the 50yd line, the announcers exclaim it as if a player were going the distance.
-2 points, AT MIDFIELD!!!

Being an NFL fan, I watch most of Sunday's games. Nothing I do in my career has anything to do with football. I don't make NFL games. So when I hear players' names being pronounced incorrectly I have to wonder how that could ever happen. On the Bears alone, at least three key players have their name pronounced incorrectly. Robbie Gould is Robbie "Ghoul'd", Israel Idonije is Israel "Ee-doe-Knee-Jay", and I can't even comprehend how Zach Bowman got messed up.
-2 points

The game modes outside of Franchise mode feel tacked on and uninteresting.
-1 point

The gameplay is not bad and definitely the best of any Madden game to date. Locomotion works very well.
+1 points

If you play this game, save often. You learn pretty quickly that the game could freeze at any loading screen. Got me 3 times in one night. Ridiculous.
-1 point

Madden NFL 11 gets a pitiful 3/10

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Another Horrible Madden Game

posted by 25TaLife (SAN BERNARDINO, CA) Aug 10, 2010

Member since Aug 2006

34 out of 56 gamers (61%) found this review helpful

Wow, another year another POS Madden title. It's too bad EA bought off the NFL and we have NO competition for our football game dollars. As I mostly play online, this game is once again a major disappointment. If you rent from GF then you can ONLY play online for 7 days then you have to PAY $10 to keep playing online (I already pay for XBL) as EA has gotten greedy and is charging for online play now (same as NCAA football). There is an obvious lag while playing. Kick-offs are hard as well as passing because of a lag which I think is about .5 to 1 second lag (this can be huge) . Defense is atrocious. There is NO defense in this game whatsoever (the middle of the field is ALWAYS open on passing plays) and whoever has the ball last will win around 90% of the time. I just played an online game against a guy who was using the Cowboys and Romo was as fast as Mike Vick going sideline to sideline. He could also throw right (across his body) while running left with a defender draped all over him (This is a bunch of BS). If you want a football simulation, you are looking at the wrong game. If you want an arcade style football game, then this is perfect. 2012 is the year the agreement with the NFL and EA is over, hopefully we can finally get a REAL football game. There is NO Sprint button anymore and calling Line Shifts is done thru the D-Pad (HORRIBLE Decision). Even trying to call an audible is a lesson in futility. I have not bought a Madden game in 5 years and glad I did not waste $ on this junk. Received it today from GF and it will go back to GF tomorrow morning:(

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I've given up on Madden

posted by bash91 (MOUNT AIRY, MD) Feb 25, 2011

Member since Jul 2010

4 out of 6 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

The EA sports crew is a group of lazy whiners who can't deliever anything as promised and have not for years. For example, they promised receivers who actually looked at the ball a couple years back. The funny thing is, that was not added into the game that year and hasn't since.

Granted the gameplay has gotten better, there are key elements that should have been 1st priority adds that just haven't been added.

EA sports ahs yet to be able to make this game fun and still challenging. I can never find a happy medium where I'm not getting crushed on every play or I'm not scoring on every play.

I hate this game, and will never waste my time with it or Madden ever again.

As someone who has supported Madden since 02, this game has just become so obviously complacent and its extremely annoying.

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