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Madden 10 with a few minor adjustments...

posted by JonnyBoiii (VAN NUYS, CA) Aug 9, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

49 out of 64 gamers (77%) found this review helpful

1 Redefining Madden NFL Online: This is a very very cool feature. You get to play 3v3 games online. If you have played any other ea sports game, it is essentially Team Play So you could be the quarterback, your friend a wide receiver, and your other bud a running back. Same goes for defense.

2 From 350 Plays Down to 1- This feature isn't very necessary at all. It is essentially ask madden. The only really astounding thing about this feature is that the coach talks to you through your headset and tells you what to look for on offense and defense.

3 Play Games in Half the Time- I'm not going to say this feature isn't handy to have. But there were far greater problems with this game besides how long it took. Now you can play 2 games in the time it took for 1.

4 Don’t Just Play It…Feel It- This isn't as clear as the others, so I will explain it for you. First they "added" new locomotion, which basically new animations that make your character move. It is refreshing to see this because it brings momentum into the game and the players acceleration comes into play as well as their speed and agility. Sideline catches are awesome, as well.
They also added the dual stick control. Supposedly, your upper body is the right stick and your lower body is the left. So if you press forward on the right stick your body will lean forward. This isn't very noticeable during the game though.

5 See It. Hear It. Feel It.- The last update is probably the most noticeable. You can tell they're still trying to improve the presentation the most. They improved graphics(such as lighting and player's faces). They added team chants and fight songs when your team runs out on the field.
Lastly, they added Gus Johnson. He is just a bundle of energy. He screams as you run down the sideline for a TD. And it makes the game exciting.

The problem is that the game play is still flawed. AI is still ridiculous, Pro-Tak doesn't work, etc. You will have fun playing this game, but it is not a must have.

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GF Rating

Above Average


posted by coco2739 (ARLINGTON, VA) Aug 16, 2010

Member since May 2010

12 out of 17 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

I am disappointed with this year’s madden, after last years, which I thought was pretty good, I has high hopes for this one and they let me down again. It is fairly similar to the last madden there are some different things like the online team play where multiple people can play on one team, and the gameflow, which I think is cool, but I don’t use it because I like to pick my own plays regardless. The negatives, are that you its really wasy to score at any level, meaning that players like adrian peterson and chris johnson can just run over your team all game. It is easy to return kick-offs, just yesterday I played a guy who was the vikings and he returned 4 touchdowns off my kick-offs…um not realistic. The players movements are unrealistic as to how quickly they can change directions. I am just very disappointed with this game I cant wait till ea’s rights to the nfl r up because I am sick of seein the same game if not worse every year. They have no competition, so y make a great game when u don’t need to. If you want to play madden if u havent bought it, I suggest renting it and seeing the disappointment before u waste ur money again.

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Dissapointing, Pathetic. Should I say more?

posted by DarkOne213 (DENVER, CO) Aug 11, 2010

Member since Jun 2007

25 out of 39 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

This Madden 11 game has good online play but... You have have to pay for the good stuff. In Madden 11 nothing has changed much offline, Expect minor adjustment's to the throwing game, running game, and this thing called "Gameflow" Franchise mode is the same as madden 10, noting new. And what is disappointing to me the most is Superstar mode nothing has changed from madden 10.. Superstar mode has potential to be great, but EA (to me) is lazy. Gave this game a "4" instead of a 3 only because, the music. Avoid buying this game, you'll only waste your money.

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