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Really Bad

Not a good game

posted by Romofan9 (SIOUX CITY, IA) May 14, 2010

Member since Jan 2008

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Madden 2010 is not a good game. To me it feel like the same game as the last 2 years. To me it seems that this game was made so anyone could pick it up and play good

Pros- D-lines moves, i like how you use the right stick to do speed or power moves.

Franchise mode- the franchise mode is ALOT better then last years. half time and weekly shows are pretty good not great but good.

Cons-Run blocking- there is ZERO run blocking in the game your o-line just lets the d-line go right when you get to them

The deep pass- You can not pass it deep, the DB will just jump up and defend the pass and tackle the WR at the same time. needs alot of work.

PRO TAK- Alot of people may THINK its good but it really not. You cant jump in and try to make the tackle you'll either fly right past the guy or bounce off the players.pretty much when the tackle starts you cant do anything.

man and zone coverage-both are broken you can pass all day vs the cpu or human player and cant really stop the passing game either it need alot of work.

the cpu running game- The cpu just cant run the ball for some reason. I guess if you work on sliders for a while they might be able to.

The GLITCHES- The glitches are really the only things thats "in the game" way to many glitches you'd think they could fix them but i guess thats to much for EA.

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GF Rating


BIG dissapointment

posted by baseball14 (WHITMORE LAKE, MI) Dec 10, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

5 out of 8 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

I've really never liked any madden games but I thought this one was going to be great. The game has no defense what so ever and the gameplay wasn't all that great. The legend mode was terrible and really slow. When you went to practice you just did the same play over and over again. In order to switch the play you need to call a timeout which i think is stupid. In all, terrible gameplay, terrible modes, and just a terrible year for madden!

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GF Rating


Lazy effort

posted by Bernard286 (OGLESBY, IL) Nov 4, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

5 out of 8 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

This Madden game was a huge set back. The Offical conferences and first down measurements were stupid, even when the play was clear. Replays were weak at best, kick off return replays start just in time to see your guy run away from the field. Bottom line, just because you slap Maddan on the box, doesn't mean your job is done. Poor game, have never returned a football game so fast.

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