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Finally!! Madden gets it right

posted by KayotixTX (CANYON LAKE, TX) Aug 13, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

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This years Madden finally brings everything together that is the NFL.

Just running down pros and cons, if you like the NFL though and want a true NFL feel, this year Madden 10 is it!!

1.Graphics are amazing
2.Players actually have some weight and momentum this year
3.Pro-tak works!! Gang tackles, forward momentum to gain a few extra yards its all here.
4."Pocket" passing, no more dropping back 20 yrds to throw a 60 yard TD dont stay in or around the pocket you will be punished.
5.Presentation, Finally Madden gets some TV feeling to it games. After the game interviews with players, refs on the field, chain gangs to measure, halftime reports, week to week reports via a TV broadcast and more.
6.More indepth player ratings make everyone feel different and more like there real life counter part.

1. Comentary is still kinda repetative and off sometimes but overall its not that bad but they do need to work on it for next year.
2. Speed of the game, i like it slow and its slower this year but some may not like it. YOU CAN change the speed of the game in the settings.
3.Some slowdown if you run it off the disc, install to HDD if you can to make it run a bit smoother and make loading better.

Madden 10 is by far the best Madden ever released, they finally got their act together this year and made a fantastic football game.If you stopped playing Madden becasue it all felt the same then try this game!! You wont regret it!!

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Pay to play

posted by Dazen01 (ODESSA, TX) Oct 18, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

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The fact they want more money from me for an activation code to open up some feature to play online and to open up madden mode is insane. EA's marketing decision here is the straw that broke my back. I for one will not be buying any other EA game till they stop this kind of markiting on the gaming community. It is great to have game addons but you dont release a game with half of the content gone and offer the other half on opening day as addons, That's ripping us all off.

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I ended up buying this

posted by sheehanje (SCHENECTADY, NY) Aug 17, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

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I was in a quandary. Should I buy Madden or not? I have issues with EA, and the fact they cut the PC version of the game. It used to be nice to bring my laptop around to play with other people, and I don't have that option anymore. I also don't like the fact that EA has an exclusive NFL license. In fact, I think exclusive licensing hurts consumers most of all and should be illegal in any form. I'm still stuck with NFL Sunday Ticket on DirectTV, and I hate DirectTV lately and have no other options but to stick with their sub par customer service and equipment if I want to watch my team play on Sunday....

Anyways, with my pet peeves taking a backseat to my enjoyment of playing a good NFL football game, I didn't wait for Gamefly and bought the game the first day it was available. I swore I wouldn't do it this year because I've been disappointed with most of the Maddens released this past decade. But I'm a video game addict, and one of the biggest addictions is to football games. I remember staying up for days at a time playing Front Page Sports Football back in the day.

Well, after a whole weekend playing the game, I must say that I am very impressed with the game play. I feel like I'm actually controlling an NFL game. The past few years have felt like the game was a cross between the older Maddens and NFL Blitz. I was sick an tired of playing against people that had no clue what good football was, and could beat people with 2 or 3 plays. No more of that, because this game gets football right. The Pro-Tak system is more than it sounds. The running game is more realistic than any other football game I've played.

The commentary is horrible, as is the half time show. But with such good gameplay, it doesn't really matter. My biggest complaint is EA's nickle and diming everyone for extras. Online Franchise, extra if you don't buy the game new. Cheat codes (they don't call them this), extra. Very tacky. With that said, the base game is worth it.

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