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Much improved this year.

posted by nathan1 (LAKE WORTH, FL) Aug 15, 2009

Member since Jun 2008

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Madden 10 is the best and most serious attempt made by EA at football yet. You can really see how the franchise is evolving from that gamey feel to a more simulated experience. I don't know if you remember from a couple years back but they used to have that QB vision mechanic and then those stupid icons for star players. Well thats all gone now and thank god.

First the most important aspect, gameplay. Madden 10 delivers a much more authentic feel with the slower pace and more realistic play progression. You can really read the plays now and sit in the pocket. The first thing you will notice is the change in QB throwing ability. It is way softer of a passing game now and the ball stays in the air much longer, especially on deep balls. This may be frustrating at first but you will get used to it and appreciate the differences between arm strengths of different QBs. You're really going to love having a Cutler or Palmer as opposed to the softer throwers.

As mentioned the Pro-Tak system excels. The running game, although still difficult, improves with the Pro-Tak engine and its blocking mechanics. You can really feel the benifit of having a highly rated O-line.

There are more positives but i will point out some gameplay nuances that i find annoying. First the floating balls that QB's leave up when they're almost sacked is over-the-top. 25% of the time the ball is intercepted by a D-lineman and its just annoying. They should tuck and take the sack more like in real life.

Also, there are some problems with the O-lineman and they're blocking where they simply let rushers get by and you either get sacked or they tackle you're running back before he gets the ball. It's a glitch too, not the consequence of bad play calling.

Now, the graphics look even better this year. The lighting and weather effects feel great. To bad they do not have progressive lighting though. If you play a dusk game it will stay that way the entire time.

Well im out of characters so..

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Really Bad

Poor Controls, Poor Updates

posted by VerdicAyse (ALBRIGHTSVILLE, PA) Oct 5, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I've never in my life thought i'd ever say what i'm about to say about a Madden Game. However, Madden NFL 2010 is absolutely horrible. While it has a beautiful presentation, lots of modes and supposedly far superior control, i've found myself having to relearn the game all over again. However, EA has made a terrible assumption. They assume I have nothing better to do in life than figure out the control changes of yet another Madden game just because they "felt" like changing it. Sorry, but I have a wife and family now and I don't have the time to relearn the feel of the formula. This game was a complete waste of my time.

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Best Madden Yet

posted by djztheman (THURMONT, MD) Sep 1, 2009

Member since Jun 2008

3 out of 5 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

By far the best Madden to date. Everything from the gameplay, options, and graphics. Paying for some accelerators online makes no sense, but who does that anyway?

Watching your running back get ganged tackled is the best.. and then watching him move the pack across the first down marker is way awesome... and then.. after all that... have a guy like Michael Turner break one of those 5 man tackles and go 90 yards for a score......... who won't see that this season on TV? It'll happen people.......

For those of us who like the simulation aspect, the accelerated clock is wonderful. You can decide how many seconds to run off after a play is picked.... so really, you can play a real 60 min game in an hour or less, and have all your stats match what it would be like if you were looking at a box score come Monday morning.

If you expect to win on this game, you have to know what plays do what, make sure you have your audibles memorized, which players are where, matchups, use defensive playmakers and coverage audibles.

I'm looking at some of the low reviews and I don't quite understand where those "gamers" are getting there info. For a GAME.... this is the best Madden. If this was REAL football.... might be a few problems... but what makes football REAL... are the people playing it. Not digitized pixels or humans behind a controller. They do what you tell them to do.. so if your not getting rid of the ball fast enough.. press the button sooner... or play on rookie. If running is hard.. hey.. there is a practice field where you can take your team and playbook and practice.

Madden 10 is the best to date. No question about it.

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