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Better but a LONG ways off..

posted by True2Life (MOODY, AL) Aug 22, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

7 out of 9 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

I'll start with the pluses. The animations are tight. I mean I can't believe they got the tackling animations, the catches, heck you can even tell when a guy commits a penalty because of the graphics engine. It's great... graphics wise. The gameplay itself has gotten slightly better, which was reported in the game informer (the whole reason for me renting it). You can get the ball off with a guy in your face, your receivers can be knocked off their routes, guys can break tackles more fluidly, it's easier to get off blocks, and DBs don't inherently know where the ball is going. So for that EA I applaud you.

Now the minuses. What idiot thought putting the co-op mode in the game would best be suited by nfl star/campus challenge type cameras. Dumbest idea ever. Once on defense you can't tell where the heck the guys are (once they get behind you). Also, on offense whoever has the greatest lag will be your weakest link - just a bad idea all the way around. The Madden IQ is also a novel idea that doesn't work. Once your IQ in the game moves up (based on your gameplay), the computer will simply call more penalties against you or create more turnovers against you. Some of the graphics get a little tiring as well. How many times do we have to see a QB on the phone with someone? If your RB scores, it shows the QB talking to someone. If a guy gets injured, then he limps off the field and the QB talks to someone. Did a QB help develop this game? I've also noticed that regardless of how much speed your WR has, he can't beat someone deep. It's almost as if the Safety inherits Mercury's shoes to catch up to him. The O-line does a little better blocking on the lower level, but if you put it on All Madden... you might as well turn it off. They'll be in the backfield before you can select a play. Granted the sliders help, but honestly... how hard is to make the game right to begin with?!? EA really needs to listen to the people who buy this junk before releasing the next one.

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A step forward, but a small one.

posted by bmyze316 (WATERVLIET, NY) Aug 19, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

7 out of 9 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

Madden 2010 has taken a step in the right direction. The tackling is the biggest and best improvement. There are many more tackles and Runners can bust out for a long run just when you think you have him wrapped up. use the hit stick the right way. For instance if brandon Jacobs is running you better press down on the right stick to hit him low, or else you WILL get run over. pressing up will cause fumbles, injuries, and big hits.

The Wildcat is realistic and fun. Finally the soundtrack is fun to listen to with 2-pac, nirvana, cypress hill, and Korn just to name a few. We now get a superbowl celebration! bout time. Overall the franchise mode is much improved.

Now for the negatives. and there is plenty.
the zone coverage has always been HORRIBLE. In real football the defense covers the man in their zone. In madden the player will sit in his zone and watch a receiver catch a pass 5 yards away when no one else is anywhere near him. How hard is it for the player to play man on a guy until he leaves his zone??? thats how they teach you to do it in real life.
D-Backs drop WAY to many interceptions, it's been that way in madden forever, FIX IT!
The camera is a bit shaky during pass plays and the cameras positioning during passes is inconsistent.

No option to change the button configuration, WHY???

the pass game has taken a step back. it is hard to make a "touch" pass over the head of a defender, especially on the deep ball. if you throw it hard on the deep ball it will be too low, if you lob it the DB will catch up to it. Also all ranked games are played with 5 min. qtrs and an accelerated clock. Give us some options! i hate getting only 1 offensive possession a quarter.

I love the nfl so i enjoy the game. but as a madden fan i want more. every year they repeat mistakes, which leaves me less excited about the improvements. Overall I am encouraged about the direction the game is headed and their should be some Great maddens in the future. Go Giants!

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2nd and 7 ?

posted by JordanRush (LOS ANGELES, CA) Aug 20, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

Does anyone else notice this glitch? The play-by-play announcer always says 2nd and 7 when it's 2nd and 10. Get's a little annoying after a while.

On the plus side, this game is compatible with 1080i so it looks much better, graphics wise, compared to NCAA 10 which only does 720p which means that on a 1080i TV it will convert down to 480p. (which looks terrible) This only applies to those with 1080i TV's, like myself.

I don't understand why the fans in the stands look like old Atari characters (during intant replays) This is supposed to be Next Gen gaming! What's the problem?

For the next Madden, EA please make the players line up in play formation, like the real players do! Why do they "glide" into position? Why can't they take small steps like in real life? They look like table football pieces.

Sadly, this IS the best next gen football game available. Maybe if there was some competition from 2K sports, EA wouldn't keep turning out mediocre sports games.

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