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Best Football Game Of The Pass 2 Decades

posted by lilybk22 (WASHINGTON, DC) Aug 20, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

First of all i have been playin madden since the first one came out
and i have 2 say no football game is as realistic as madden 10

The way they slow the game clock like in reality is awesome because its real. I can sit and play this game for hours, i love it from the online play to the franchise mode this is just a all around great game

Best Game Ever

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posted by bearsfanpl (ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL) Aug 18, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

I don't know what people want out of this game, last year they say it was to fast too same ole same ole and no online and blah blah blah blah . I been playing every DARN madden since the beginning of time. some where great some where so so and yes even i felt last couple years madden had hit a wall with graphics gameplay and features.

This madden NAILS it. and will show room for improvement, but its going to be the game that brings MADDEN back to being what it should be a great football GAME. period. I like the slowed down style i like the tackling which is sooooo authentic its redicules. yes the passing is tougher PEOPLE the hardest thing to do in SPORTS is be a DARN QB!!!! ITS GOTTATAKE SOME SKILL IN MADDEN TOBE A GREAT QB like in real life . the game is authentic thats what all you people clamored aabout for the past few years that it was too arcade too blah. well they fixed it and people still aren't satisfyed PLEASE. you have so many controlls at your fingertips again like substitions on def and off , audibling is so detailed again on off and def the game has so much to offer the real football fans are going to enjoy and play for long time. they do need to add that precison QB feature back but for now its tough enough so it will do. and for those who said you need to buy the add ons to get he most NO YOU DON"T . those game add on purchase are silly lol.

so any of you wanna play me on Playstation 3 send me a request id is sackman23

have fun and enjoy the GREATEST FOOTBALL GAME in long time.

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Best episode ever

posted by HotJohnny (ALBUQUERQUE, NM) Aug 17, 2009

Member since Mar 2005

The review seem to be unanimous in that this is the best Madden to date. It is without a doubt the best next gen Madden, and I believe it is the best Madden ever. My main complaints with former Maddens was that you pretty much couldn't run a play action play without getting sacked. Guess what, you finally can. The pass protection is ALOT more realistic and you can actually stay in the pocket. You no longer have to drop back 20 yards to avoid being sacked, you can stay in the pocket and your blockers will actually work for you. It really makes it exiting while you see how long your pocket will hold up while you scan the field for your open receivers.

I also LOVE the tackles in this game. They seem to have put alot of work into improving the tackles this year. There are great animations of receivers getting cartwheeled after jumping into the air to get a high pass. Also the gang tackles are awesome. A good running back or reciever can break free from a one man tackle, so it is important to call a defense that will include some support and your defensive men arent left out there alone. It add a new exiting element to calling defense.

The new tackling system works well for the offensive play also. I was Adrian Peterson and i was able to score a touchdown after breaking 4 tackls because they were all one man at a time. I got lucky but it felt like something that really could have happened in real life.

If you are one of those people that gets the new Madden every year, i assume you already have this game. If you are one of those people (like myself) who only gets Madden once every couple of years, i think this years installment is absolutely worth the upgrade. If you are interested in football, but don't have a game yet, this is a must buy.

The bottom line is i think this is a must own installment for every fan of football.

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