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Madden 10 (Same old thing)

posted by Stutheit28 (OVERLAND PARK, KS) Jul 6, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Madden 10 gets the football part down. Other than that, it's dreadful. Online play is sluggish. Graphics are good in HD, if you are still using a 4:3 TV it seems like your playing a PS2. Tackles get repetitive, same thing over and over again. Franchise mode isn't very detailed from last year, just a repeat. My Player mode is just boring, it no longer keeps track of your road to the HOF.

EA needs to stop trying to make the grass look better and just make the game play something that you have never seen before in a Madden game. I am looking forward to Madden 11 to see if they have changed anything.


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posted by dabeast23 (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) May 23, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

1 out of 1 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

-fun and very long( that's what she said) franchise
-challenging trophies
-a whole ton of stats on players
-fun to face friends online
-realistic financing in franchise
-the hit stick is amazing
-very lame 2nd half comebacks by cpu
-receivers litterly teleport to catch a ball for cpu
-running online is overpowered but running offline sucks
-no one passes the ball online
-different controls than other maddens
-one game takes 45 min long
-audibles are annoying when the quarterback keeps saying "Z Z" over and over again
-blocks are complete BS
-it so freaking impossible to sack the quarterback because everytime u get close the qb (for the cpu) throws it away and ur like " CUMON!!"
-you have about 2 seconds in the pocket then your forced to scramble out leaving qb's like peyton useless
the first week i got this i loved it, but after that there were so many plays were i felt like screaming "BULL $H!+!!!"at the tv .. no seriously this game is okay and keeps u entertain for an hour but in that hour you will get very frustrated .. the first half your like " yah check me out im wooping butt" but 2nd half is when it gets really gsy, receivers make impossible catches , tackling becomes a challenge, they convert every 3rd down ugh very aggravating .. online is fun WHEN YOUR PLAYING YOUR FRIENDS!!! if your not, all they do is screen pass and run
i sure hope madden 11 is going to fix these problems because right now madden 10 is not that "Great" madden game we were hoping for , well for me at least

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Huge Madden Fan, most of the time

posted by dtigertron (YOUNGSTOWN, OH) Sep 2, 2009

Member since Jun 2009

12 out of 14 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

Lets face it, Madden has had issues and still is far from perfect. However this is my favorite madden. All the positions (except kickers) have more stats, they make sence, and add realism (especialy QB). How many times have we heard analists say that a quarterback can drop a ball in the basket 30 yards down the field, but needs to work on accuracy between the hashes. This game has stats for both.
Most importantly for me, you can play online with a team that you draft. Online franchise is a long time dream of mine, and while it is unfinished, it is a start. Renters beware though, if you didn't buy the game you have to pay 10 dollars to download the Online Franchise code from the playstation store.
All in all a great step forward, hopefully by next year we will have an online financial system, a better trade system, a way to play a scrimage game with your drafted team, a better online drafting system (java any one?), a way to que players while drafting, and a way to create your own plays for your online franchise.
Any one who loves to play football video games will enjoy this Madden, especialy offline. The future is promising for online, but the gaming world still needs faster internet protocals if posible.

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