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Really Bad

nothing to see here

posted by fraskew (MATTHEWS, NC) Aug 24, 2009

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if you've enjoyed the madden games in the past, or like the nfl, then you will be greatly disappointed in this offering. they have morphed the game down to a collection of silly mini-game modes, and in doing so, have eliminated most of the details that true nfl fans would want. franchise mode is a buggy, slapped on afterthought, no polish or shine to it. the commentary is disinteresting, at best, and worthy of mute. historic teams are gone, uniform choices are home, away and the alternate. uniform editor is gone. create a team is gone. even the ability to choose weather is gone. you may choose day or night, wind or no wind. if you are looking for an updated football game to play this season, this aint far. if you are in the mood to play wacky-style football-themed mini-games with no depth, then you'll love it!

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What were they thinking?

posted by jharper (CHANDLER, AZ) Aug 16, 2009

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Overall I find this to be the weakest version of Madden yet for the Wii. I unfortunately got rid of my previous versions of Madden before purchasing this.

Aside from the cartoony graphics EA has totally gutted the game for the Wii. Gone are Franchise and Career mode. Instead there've added mini-games and party games. Road to the Superbowl play is ok, but not nearly as engaging as Franchise mode of the past.

On the plus side the controls are much nicer. Point and Pass works much better than the previous passing system. If EA would add these controls to an updated version of Madden 08 Wii they may have a game worth owning.

I've been contemplating buying a PS3. This game may have just pushed me over the fence. I was looking forward to taking the Steelers to a 7th Super Bowl win in franchise mode and the Wii version of Madden just doesn't cut it.

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Too much fluff and not enough substance

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Sep 6, 2009

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There's really not many sports that can compete with the NFL for the sheer excitement of the season. Every one of the 16 games is crucial (unlike in baseball, hockey and basketball where teams can lose several games and still be considered the best in the league.)
When I got Madden NFL 10, I was hoping for the same sort of excitement; take any team, play through the season, and see how far I can get. Especially with the great controls that are utilized in this game.
However, Madden NFL 10 really irritates me because I can’t do play a season without strings attached.
The only mode that lets me do that is the “Road to the Super Bowl”. You pick a team and go through a season.
But you’re sacked with a fan meter. Do well, and you can continue playing the season. Do badly, and you could find yourself losing games for no reason whatsoever.
The first game of the season, I lost at the Giants 10-0. I won the second game against the Rams 17-7, and lost at Detroit (yes, that team) 17-14.
When I got to the fourth game, I played the Bucs and was losing 7-0 late first half when the game declared one of my players was going to get benched, and right there I lost the game. I could’ve gotten back in the game in the second half, but the AI would not let me. Why?
The other modes let you play only one game, play a bunch of simple minigames, play one game where other players knock down opposing team players like in Super Mario Galaxy, and a betting game where you bet on who will get the most first downs, rushing yards, and so on.
It's high time EA Sports realizes that not all Wii owners want mini game compilations and gimmicks with the single game mode.
Give us the ability to form leauges - or at least play through a season with our favorite team.
Madden NFL 10 is not the football simulator I was looking for, and I'm afraid future installments in the franchise for the Wii will suffer because they have to put in a lot of party games. SKIP IT.

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