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This Game Blows!

posted by Ryan47 (MONTGOMERY, IL) Mar 23, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

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I owned this game for a little while, and i have to say, it is the worst football game ever made. i want to know what EA was on when they made this game. First of all the madden iq is #&$!. it feels so generic and broken. The running game is almost impossible no matter what difficulty you play on. its not fun at all. i could go on all day. and chris colinsworth is the worst announcer they could have possibly gotten for the job. he never shuts up and i question if he's commentating the same game im playing. the online sucks because people only choose the best teams and that makes it no fun at all. they should have a rule that your not allowed to be the patriots cuz thats all that happens. i dont care if your the biggest fan of football, dont buy or rent the game. if anything just buy madden 08 its cheap and better than 09

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A new type of Madden

posted by SergeantPope (CHARLESTON, IL) Aug 12, 2008

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Madden has been running strong making football games since 1989. And now since Madden is 2009 they have to make the game just that much better so you cant live without it. If you have downloaded the Madden 09 demo on xbox live marketplace it basically tells you what the new madden experience is going to be like. Now they have a testing mode where you have to do a series of test to see how you preform in each of them to set the computer to give you difficult game. And you can retake the test at any time if you get better or worse. So this is obviously the most adaptive madden so far. Another thing they changed is they improved the graphics. So it is the best madden game yet, and it is a must try for anybody the likes football. And if your thinking about getting the Special Edition it is a very good deal since it comes with Madden 09, Head Coach 09, and an improved version of Madden 1993. So if you get either types of it you will be impressed and you need to put this game in your GameQ and try it out.

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Heart Breaker

posted by Sheltonius (CATHEDRAL CITY, CA) Oct 31, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

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Every year since I can remember my steps have been dynasty on NCAA followed by franchise on Madden. When I ATTEMPTED to play Madden 09 I was very disappointed. Nothing has changed, this has been the exact same game play for the past 3 years. The Superstar mode was not tweaked or updated which it needed and the franchise mode left me wanting more. I'm going to boycott Madden until they get their act together. EA should take a look at the ever improving NCCA Series and work from there.

Daddy-O Out!!

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