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Does EA even care anymore?

posted by prfctlotus (EARLYSVILLE, VA) Aug 14, 2008

Member since May 2006

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I may be a singularity in this opinion, or I may be lost in the wash, but is EA even trying anymore? Madden '09 has hit shelves, been bought, paid and popped into consoles everywhere, and all I thought when it started was "Not this again!"
First, It will always sell well, no matter what. EA has the only pony in the race, so everyone loves it, of course. But it still begs the question, "Does EA having exclusive rights to the NFL gaming franchise hurt the game in the long run?" and I say, resoundingly, "YES!"
When I first played it, I thought, "hmmm, the Madden test is a bit innovative. It adjusts the games AI to your skill level, depending on which aspect of the game your strong or weak at." Then upon further play, i realized, beyond that, it is the exact same game, save for updated rosters, and maybe a few graphical tweaks. The Superstar mode (my favorite) has not changed ONE IOTA in three years. not a tweak, nothing. You can tell no one's playtesting this aspect of the game, or someone would have noticed that your "Coach" is congratulating you for being a team leader, when you haven't even been drafted yet. My list of gripes is short. But they are, to me, the most essential. Gamers love advances, new engines, smoother animations, higher framerates, revamped HUDs, you name it, we love seeing our favorites pushed in new and exciting directions. Madden, for all it's pomp and parade, draws nothing more than a yawn from me anymore. I feel I shouldn't have to buy a new copy of the same old game every year, when they can just as easily update rosters over Xbox live, or PSN.
EA, if you truly are passionate about gaming, as you say you are, then screw timely release dates and revamp the franchise. Make it worth our while again. Make us remeber why we started buying your product in the first place.

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Above Average

Not Too Bad

posted by JakeyBoy (BROOKLYN, NY) Aug 14, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

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Madden 09 is graphically superior to Madden 08... New camera angles and weather make the playing field look like it's being broadcasted by NBC or ABC... Then that's where it ends, Madden has a bunch of good ideas just like NCAA Football 09 has but both have loose ends... Madden lacks online capabilities and there are gameplay (non - co op) problems which I as a long time Madden player still hate because they're not fixed... Magnet passes and A.I. players stepping out of bounds instead of putting it into your face by running for the T.D. Madden 09 has this new thing called My Skill... This I think is the worst invention ever...

The game starts by you (the player) taking this IQ test of how well you play Madden (Rushing, Passing, Rush Defense, Pass Defense). After taking the test I scored All Madden on Rushing, All Madden on Passing, The Highest Level of All Pro, and Pro on Pass Defense...

When you initiate a game you have the choice to put the game difficulty on either rookie, pro, all pro, all madden or your skill level. Your skill level really doesn't work because say you like me also scored All Madden in Rushing and Passing but you know you don't play on All Madden in previous versions when the CPU plays in All Madden it's insanely hard and your skill you received is incredibly wrong!!! Maybe it's just me and that I haven't played on All Madden ever because I know I was never the best Madden player... (I'm sick at NBA LIVE)

During the game these new camera angles which look good at first get really annoying and irritating and you wished you were playing Madden 08 again... Some stand out never fixed problems are Kickers still kick way to far because in the NFL there are only maybe 4 or 5 kickers who actually can kick every time to the back of the end zone on each kickoff and hit 55 yard field goals... Something which I think My Skill should of had but was left out was Special Teams Offense and Defense... Both very important in Football! Overall Madden is a 7.

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Be glad you can rent this!

posted by jaguar7676 (TITUSVILLE, FL) Nov 13, 2008

Member since Nov 2004

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There is a reason I haven't owned a Madden game made in this century...they all suck. The benchmark was set with ESPN's 2K Football and no EA product has come close...EA is all about the candy and not about the creamy center...This game is barely an improvement over last year...barely. AI and player ratings are useless, superstar mode is still useless! Has any body imported their NCAA 09 class and used them in superstar mode? It's sad that I prefer NCAA to Madden. It used to be that NCAA always used the previous Madden engine but now they are 2 separate beasts.

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