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better, but still lacking

posted by pops19137 (MILWAUKEE, WI) Aug 13, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

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Madden 2006, the first next gen football game. This was a sight to behold, graphics were good, gameplay was smooth, it wasnt a perfect game, but it showed what the future holds in next gen gaming. Ever since, i have been extremely disappointed, and have gone from a diehard madden fan, to a diehard madden skeptic.

I cant buy these games without renting them anymore. Where is the new physics engine? the new graphics? the better gameplay? the realistic-ness of football? 2009 is the first real attempt at doing something different with the gameplay, the graphics, the realistic-ness. As good as a lot of the reviews are for this game, in my opinion, it still falls short.

I am not an online gamer, that aspect of any game is a low priority to me. I am a franchise playing fanatic. Although madden has gotten better, it still hasnt done enough with the actual reason people buy and play these games, for the football. Who cares about the new features! All you need to see is a replay of 1 play and you'll realize its not realistic .I dont know how the quarterback throws the ball when hes not even touching it, the physics look awful. Wanna make it more realistic? How about having the quarterback actually grip the ball and go through a real throwing motion. That might be something to work on in place of the virtual trainer. How bout a crowd that looks real and interacts as the game goes on in place of the madden IQ. How bout having them run with the ball like actual humans instead of twitchy robots in place of the rewind feature, and whatever happened to the actual coaches on the sidelines?

But there are good qualities to this game. Yes, the graphics are better. The stadiums look better. The players actually look like themselves, stadium/team specific TD celebrations, seamless transition from a spin to a juke. Overall, its better, but still lacking

EA shouldnt have exclusive rights to the NFL..competition breeds excellence..2K is better where it game physics

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Best Madden so far!

posted by Dynex222 (WIMBERLEY, TX) Aug 11, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

16 out of 28 gamers (57%) found this review helpful

With new plays, players, and graphics, Madden 09 takes the cake. I just got the game this afternoon and have not stopped playing yet. I am even playing as I type this up. Even if you don't like football at all, you will probably still have fun with this game. The controls are great, the graphics are amazing and the game play is fun. Bottom line is that this game rocks.

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All the hype for this?

posted by Silentme (O FALLON, MO) Aug 15, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

4 out of 7 gamers (57%) found this review helpful

I haven't played a football game in quite some time, i really dont enjoy football but i enjoy the challenge of sports. Its really a down time for games right now so i had nothing in my queue and i thought id give it a try. I am 100% disappointed. everything i read up to getting it was how great it was or how great it was going to be.

As others have said it has major issues but besides all of that, the game play is simply not fun. Superstar mode is a joke compared to MLB-the show where you really get to do alot with your player such as playing in a lesser league and working your way up. You start off as pretty much a superstar regardless of what you do up to the draft. Playing offense you get alot of influence where it is really hard to gain influence even when you force a 4th down punt. Its very uneven depending on if your offense or defense.

I am sending this game back right away, i will play MLB-The Show until NHL 09 is out next month and i can play a real career again.

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