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great game

posted by zhirkov (DAVIS, CA) Sep 2, 2008

Member since May 2008

overall this is a great game. never played o7 on the wii or the other console versions so no comparisons there. but overall the online gameplay is great. the controls are really intuitive and the layout menu for play calling really cuts down on the time needed to call a play. both running and passing controls are immersive, especially for online play. defense is fun too. only drawbacks are that there is no point and click for play calling online for some reason. other than that a great game overall. this is definitely one to consider buying.

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GF Rating


Did I Really Throw Out My Shoulder For This?

posted by Frowdo (BLUE SPRINGS, MO) Aug 25, 2008

Member since Nov 2004

I believed, like many, that Madden on the Wii was like peanut butter and jelly. These things just seem to fit. However after sitting down the Madden 2008 I wish so much that EA did not bring this plight to man kind.

Outside of actually playing the game, Madden is quite solid. The presentation is top notch, the game modes such are great, and I so love the mini games. I really liked the Superstar mode where you create a player, get him drafted, and then make him become..well a Superstar.

The problems only really occur when you actually start playing the game. As you can imagine playing a game based around moving your controller there are some issues. The problems really show up in the mini games such as when you have to put your Wiimote in the air to catch a pass and then your guy just stands contemplating his Hall Of Fame speech or the busted punting controls that make it a tad difficult to actually control kicking power. There's also the fantastic passing controls where they'll show you who is open or not, but not actually how to throw it to them. Finally the running game has a huge learning curve. Power moves, stiff arms, and other rushing skills are controlled by holding a button and moving the Wiimote in certain directions which also has the unfortunate side effect of slowing your player to a crawl.

The final annoyance is the new celebration mode. After a TD, interception, or Sack your player will get the chance to showboat. The great part about this is not only does is make the game take longer but it doesn't actually let you control the player's routine. The more your move the Wii mote the shinier the screen

Overall if there were other NFL games to choose from I'd recommend them, but with Madden the only game in town it's time to lower your standards.

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