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Madden NFL 08

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easy achievements

posted by yelkcubnwa (DALLAS, TX) Jul 27, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

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it is an easy game for easy achievements, no online ones and most can be gotten from simulating quick play games

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Very Good

Madden 05 (in a sexier skirt)

posted by gorgeousp (HAMPTON, VA) Aug 14, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

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Much better than the last 2 Maddens (should we even call it "Madden" anymore since he has basically been phased out of the game?). Of course EA likes to delete modes for 2 years then bring them back claiming they are new (cough cough, owner mode). Here are my pro's and con's:

-Graphics animations: very nice if you have a 360, if you dont expect to be disappointed especially PS3 owners
-Weapons: come in handy with actual NFL players, dont know how this works for your future draft picks in franchise mode i guess we will see wont we?
-Gameplay: is much better
-Superstar mode is much mmore user friendly. Your no longer stuck being a defensive back only getting to make a play once or twice a game cause your camera view sucks

-Announcer blows tail, you'er better off putting your IPOD/CD changer on random and listening to your favorite tunes while playing
-Crowd sucks as always
-Some players still missing from rosters, but expect an update when the season kicks off
-online leagues, or lack there of but i'm not a big online person so to each his (or her) own.

BUY- If you are a Madden junkie, franchise + superstar + online will keep you busy longer than gamefly would like to have thier limited copies sitting in your living room

RENT- If you want to test drive and see if this is a roster update or a better game than 07, but dont hog it from the other people lol.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Madden 08 - Better than 07 - Where's the Announcer

posted by McGuyver (BATAVIA, OH) Aug 21, 2007

Member since Mar 2007

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Excellent Graphics
The A.I. keeps it challenging
Emergence of Weapons - Relievers, QB, etc.
Variation of Catches, Tackles, Moves
Lots of Pre-Snap Options
Franchise Mode - Solid
Superstar Mode - Create one or Take your Idol

Pre-Game by Marshal Faulk - Is Weak
Ask Madden - Doesn't always match suggestion
Same EA announcer - Where's the Real Announcers
Online League Play - This would be a Huge Addition

This game is just as highly enjoyable as last years release. The upgrades this year make the actual game play as simple or advanced as you would like to make it. The emergence of Weapons make it easy to spot which key players you or your opponent will be utilizing. Weapons are players that excel in key areas (i.e. Chad Johnson making spectacular catches). If used correctly these weapons make for great distractions for making plays with other players.

There have been noticeable changes to the animations for tackles and catches. One hand catches and high-low tackles make this game look as real as ever. When you see a receiver jump over a defender for a one-handed catch you can't help but say "Wow". There are more pre-snap options than some would know what to do with. This allows players to customize their plays after selection. Don't get caught calling the same play too often, or the QB or DB will be able to read your play.(LT+RB)

Franchise mode allows you to customize your involvement with drafting and depth charts. Superstar mode is very similar and allows you to take a current player instead of creating one.

Overall this game is very enjoyable, and with a few changes (broadcasting, and Online Leagues) the next addition could be near perfect.

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