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EA Steps It Up In A Big Way! Make Fifa 08This WAY!

posted by miko25 (LARGO, FL) Aug 18, 2007

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I gave 07 an 8 and this real steps it up (perfectly tweaked).

I am European (German) and perfer soccer but the quality in this game; from the graphics to the controls, to the details are what every sports game for the Wii should be!!

I will definitly buy Fifa 08 if they put this same focus they did into Madden into Fifa; WOW!

If you love football then this is what to get!

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Played it and went out and bought it

posted by iFixMac (VILLA PARK, IL) Jan 23, 2008

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Played it with my friends one evening and went to the store and bought it next day..

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Very Good

Awesome Gameplay, OK Graphics and Presentation

posted by RaiderGame (PETALUMA, CA) Aug 17, 2007

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Wii knew, the selling point for this game was the presentation. i got a big plasma tv and the game looks pretty good. nothing to write home about though. but the moment u pick up the wiimote one thing is clear playing the game is more realistic than playing with the xbox 360. sure the graphics look a lil step above the ps2, and there is room for improvement which i hope to see on the madden 09. but from the second u hike the ball, u scan around the defense u pick a receiver and u throw the ball, u catch the ball, juke/plow ur man and then u in the redzone. it's so good i can't sit down while playin it i gotta be standing up throwing strikes. It does take a lil while to get used to the speed of the game and the motion controls but once u are good. it feels like second nature. i wished they included spectacular catch receivers though. this wii version they beware of the sideline but they don't do crazy one handed catches that often.
so here's the breakdown of the madden for wii.

Presentation: 7-they could've added the stuff from the next gen consoles and made the game more realistic, even if it's not HD.
Graphics: 7- looks good but could look a better.
Gameplay: 10-hike, scan, throw catch TD!
Depth: 10 online play, many mini games, trivia, party mode, a telestrator!
Sound: 9- crowd is better than previous years.

I give it an 8, it is fun to play once u get used to it.

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