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EA sports fault

posted by CAB040902 (BALTIMORE, MD) Oct 15, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

This game has been neglected in so many ways. You can't do simple things like sort your roster and in the draft you or things like FA you can't go backwards so if you pass QB you have to go all the way to P to get back to QB. It was just lazy programming. As i have said before EA sports has already admitted that they underrated the wii and put less into the games than they did into the xbox version which i clearly see because i played the xbox version also. There are a lot of little things missing but it is still the same madden and the controls are better than last year. The addition of player weapons made the game much more tougher. Now you can really find your mismatches in the field. If you have a speedy or a star Receiver and he is going against a corner with no icon at all he will get burnt all day. So it gives your players the opportunity to earn their paychecks and you can find who to avoid on offense and defense. Next year expect madden to be one of the best of the best.

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Tough Controls

posted by bwalsh22 (EASTON, PA) Oct 11, 2007

Member since Sep 2007

In general the directional pad with the motion is just difficult to work with for quick decisions on passing. The game play is great, but the movement controls in my mind are overused (e.g. juke by swinging nunchuk left or right, stiff arm swing controller left or right). Passing the thought process to pick a receiver then swing the controller is too much, makes you too slow to react, I would rather it just pass when I enter the button. Love the game, great new features, just feel they have overused the motion controls in the game. (kicking is way too easy)

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Madden 08 a great buy.

posted by twister782 (LINDEN, TN) Oct 5, 2007

Member since Apr 2006

I enjoy the Madden series. What really caught my attention was the party mode. That is a very fun mode. The only few flaws to it is:

-Some party mode games require alternate turns, instead of all player at the same time. Party mode also requires at least 2 players to play it. So if you don't have 2-4 players, you won't get a chance to see what it offers.

-Still wish you could unlock legends of the NFL to play through mini camp, like they did in Madden 03. It's ok to use the Hall of Fame teams in Play Now mode.

Other than that, a great buy for the NFL fans. No need to consider renting.

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