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Very Good

Throwings fun, but hit myself in face w/ cord! ha

posted by PiercedLip (BARBERTON, OH) Dec 20, 2006

Member since Dec 2006

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I love the way the passing is setup, but running and catching I sometimes found myself flickering the controls around like a madman hoping to do something!

My friend and I both seem to hit ourselves in the face with the cord when doing kickoffs or field goals though. You swing it down and up real fast and the nunchuk side of the cord flies up and hits you in the face. haha

The graphics are pretty dated looking, but I have the component cables which help. The gameplay is just plain fun against a friend. It makes winning feel like you really were playing against them.

If you like football you will like this game...because I don't like real life football, but this games fun as can be to battle a friend on!

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few yards short

posted by Tufferz (BUENA PARK, CA) Nov 25, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

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MADDEN ON THE WII! Exciting! no? well kinda, the team at ea did a great job with the control scheme for the wii. Madden on the wii delievers everything madden does every year, but does fall a few yards short. They arent big deals to some, but i wanted to see a little more effort in this game. Lets point out the good first. The controls! Work like a charm on offense, playing as the qb really pulls you in and and makes it alot more fun than i've had on a 360! The brilliant use of the wii was the selling point right away. From the motion controlled jukes and passing, to the use of the built-in-speaker to hear the qb call out the plays! Those who have a 360 (like myself) will miss the high end graphics and hd quality, but it will be forgotten from the first snap. All the features are there as they are in the current gen title.(Kudos to ea for not nerfing this system!) The new mini-games for multiplayer are a blast. Madden on wii has alot going for it. But now the bad. The menus on wii are just so poorly done. I know this isnt a huge issue, but i really miss the animated menus of the 360 when i'm playing my wii, it makes it feel like its not as next-gen as it should be. Another complaint is the controls work wonders on offense, but defense doesnt really get to take as much advantage, sure you can strip and swat at the ball, but the offense is complimented alot better with the controls. Also, the kicking interface is hard to master, or even get used to for that matter. Since i've gotten the game i've missed most of my point after attempts (i'm also sure thats cause i suck)! But i think they could have done better with the kicking. And lack of online play hurts this title from being great. Nintendo needs to incorperate online play alot more with this generation of games to survive!
All that aside though, madden is tons of fun with your friends or by yourself. The little flaws of the game dont take away from the big picture, which is "Gameplay over graphics"

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great multiplayer, good new way to look at Madden!

posted by RichScarry (MISSOULA, MT) Feb 24, 2007

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Wow, what a great game for the Wii. Great controls, decent visuals, same ol Madden sounds.

The Good:
Offensive controls are near perfect. Anyone could easily pick it up and do it. Defensive and kicking was a little tricky. At first, these were a little hard but the game a good tutorial (one you can use in-game, and one for practice) to teach you how to perfect it. One of the best multiplayer games (can't wait for Wi-fi).

The Bad:

No online play, sound quality isn't the best, and the graphics are sub-par with the other systems.


Great game, almost a must own for anyone who enjoys doing Wii-mote motions (Even if you're not a Madden fan!, I know I wasn't)

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