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posted by listen2dis (LOS ANGELES, CA) Aug 26, 2006

Member since May 2006

9 out of 14 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

The one question I seem to ask myself as I play this game is WHY!. Because all of the cool features that are missing are just so obvious. I just can't see how they could miss this for the second year in row. So here are my WHY's

WHY: cant I tell the dumb receiver's to change there route with the flick of the stick like in madden 04 what on earth happened to that.

WHY: Is ESPN not implemented into this game at all no one from espn no highlights from espn nothing what is this junk? NFL 2k5 did it brilliantly and that was on a regular Xbox

WHY: Can't I go back to my lead blocker once I switch to the halfback.

WHY: Is owner mode not in this I wanna set ticket prices/food/drinks/I wanna put a Fing spa in the stadium and add more box seats, I wanna sell the team, but i can't do that with this game.

WHY: Do you have those camera cutaways during play there choppy, they slow play down and you end up seeing the same ones over and over it's dumb.

WHY: Does EA continually make the same mistakes year in and out with this game? Don't they read reviews haven't they learned how to make a perfect Fing football game after 15 Fing years

WHY: Is This game $60.00 for this system too much is missing

WHY: Doesn't the kick meter give me a percentage point number of how accurate I was or how much power I got from the kick. WHY
WHY: Does the AI suck

WHY: Can I not change my defensive coverage with the flick of the right analog stick which isn't used at all.

WHY: Can I not double cover a receiver

WHY: Is does the precision cone come up when I flick the right analog stick who needs that stupid thing
Why: are sideline catches still impossible

WHY: don't EA and Take two try switching off their sports titles for a year so this way EA can go back to the sport there good at making (Baseball) and Take two can have (football)

WHY: Is owner mode not in this I wanna set ticket prices/food/drinks/I wanna put in more seats I wanna sell the team i can't do that with this game

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Above Average

Don't buy it for the name

posted by scott2689 (ELMWOOD PARK, IL) Nov 23, 2006

Member since Nov 2006

4 out of 6 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Madden has been king for several years now and I am not sure why. This year is no different. People here that the new madden game is coming out and they rush to buy it. I bought it because I thought that it was impossible to mess it up this many years in a row. As soon as I bought it I was completely dismayed by the fact that you can't edit rosters. It has only been a feature the last 8 years or so. The stadium and grass graphics are unbelievable but the players just look unnatural to me. The training camp mini games are awful. They are not fun and very repetitive. Also the stamina bar never works in the game, once again proving that they rush their games out much to fast. How could noone catch that. the only good is that the online is great. Live opponent is a great addition. The gameplay itself is good but could be much better. I am a little confused when my 220 lb RB gets knocked 8 feet backward by a 190lb Champ Bailey on every hit stick. I could go on all day with the innacurricies in this game. One last thing, Superstar mode is absoulutely pointless.

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New Features Done Right

posted by C1stSarge (ALBRIGHTSVILLE, PA) Aug 22, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

11 out of 18 gamers (61%) found this review helpful

For the most part, this years Madden has brought with it the best from the past. The passing cone is still around, although its an option (you do get bonuses for using it though.)

Lead Blocking and the Highlight stick are great. I began a Superstar Career as a FB, drafted by the Texans and had a blast blocking for Davis. You don't realize until you play the position from their point of view what its really like. Every play that your superstar is on the field, you play as him and only him. This is so exciting because it really envelopes you in the action.

Franchise mode is solid, as are the new mini-games, although the 40 and the Bench Press have a bit of a learning curve. Again, unfortunately, things were left out of the 360 version, but none of the omissions were as ridiculous as leaving Campus Legend out of the NCAA game. Oh, and capitalism is still raging as one of the achievements requires you to import a draft class, i.e. have Madden AND NCAA.

While the Madden Gamer Levels are a bit unnecessary and somewhat useless, it is more rewarding than the Madden Challenge in the past. All in all, this game, while missing a few great features of old versions of itself, puts together a package on the 360 that is not only a gem to play, but is visually stunning as well. Simple things, like changing the team background and logos to the team that drafted you after the draft adds to the excitement of the draft (since you don't actually get to hear your name called.)

If you like football, check it out. If you liked NCAA, check it out. Its worth it.

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