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posted by ablashak (NEW CASTLE, PA) Aug 25, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

12 out of 15 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

Madden NFL 2001 for the playstation 2 was unbelievable, you didn't even want to go back to playstation 1. When Madden 06 was released for the Xbox 360, you had that pain in your stomach telling you.."you shoulda waited for ps3, but you just have no patience. You spent 400 dollars for a game that had 2005 graphics, but had 1993 features and game play." Ok..well, Madden NFL 07 makes that pain go away (a little). Superstar mode is there which is pretty fun depending on which position you play due to camera issues. Franchise mode is there, even though its not as fun as it used to be, it will still keep you occupied. Theres a few features that the previous titles had that is not in the game. But don't let this negative talk make you thing negative of the game. This game has greatly improved and is well on its way to making you forget about the maddens you wish it was like. The graphics are beautiful. The game play and control is smoother than last year. New mini games are fun. The commentating shows slight improvement and the madden ranking system gets you more involved into the game.
My wish list for madden 08:
1. Be able to choose between a radio announcer and Madden and Michaels. I took advantage of madden before and now I am sorry. Madden I miss you. You can say "boom" all you want, I wont get mad anymore.
2. Give Franchise mode the feel back again. Give it that old "make you not want to leave your house or never get up to even go to the bathroom" feel again. Espn could maybe have a little more involvement. Boomers top ten plays of the week would be nice. Highlights from different games would be as well. Instead of using space to show highlight reels of old players, use that space for other things. Like a more in depth owner mode.
3. Fantasy Draft
4. Sometimes you do something that you know will probably not happen again and you would like to save the replay. I want to save the replay.

I would recommend.

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I only got half my game

posted by Phoenix723 (WILLISTON, ND) Nov 24, 2006

Member since Jan 2005

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

It hurts me to say bad things about Madden football since I've bought everyone since 1992, but there's a lot of bad to say, with a fair amount of good. On the good side the actual game play is better than ever. AI is much improved and the football rarely passes through my defenders like they are holograms, but it does still happen. The new highlight stick is nice but still isn't as advanced as using the stick was on NFL 2K5. The playbooks haven't changed much so if your hoping for some new plays, you won't find many. Still I play the game almost every day. That being said, here are my complaints. Mainly they are all about why the "360" version of the game lacks so many of the basics that are available on last generation consoles. I can't create a team, I can't do a fantasy draft, I can't hire and fire coaches in the off season, I can't playmaker individuals on defense meaning-I can't switch a safety to a new zone or set him to cover some one man on man, I can't set an individual linebacker to play a zone or spy the quarterback, I can't slide the protection of my offensive line, there are no formation shifts, there are no right stick audibles for each formation on offense, there's no owner mode at all, I can't edit players which bugs me but isn't a huge deal, but I should at least be able to change player's numbers. I hate it when I make Bo Jackson but there was already a #34 so now Bo is #29 for ever and all I can do is delete him, make some roster changes and then create him all over again.
All in all this is still a good game that is fun to play, I just wish I didn't feel like I should have bought it for my XBox and not my 360

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The weakest "Madden" so far! Boycott EA!

posted by SgtFury87 (FAIRFAX, VA) Sep 18, 2006

Member since Jun 2005

10 out of 15 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Yes, like many other desperate Madden freaks I camped out at my local videogame store waiting for the midnight release of this game on XBox 360. I can't tell you how disappointed I was on so many levels when I got this thing home. Madden??? He is almost nowhere to be found!! The ONLY time you'll hear ANY commentary from him is brief tidbits when you "Ask Madden" for a play to call during a game. Some nameless nobody does the boring and VERY repetetive play by play. Also gone is the player card system that used to let you buy cheats and assistance. While it was time consuming and sometimes a pain, it was part of the experience and should have been improved (as in MUCH faster card load times) rather than ditched. The new fucntion for this year? You get to be the blocking back for a few seconds. Big stinking deal. Now we know what happens when a company like EA buys out the license to the entire NFL gaming catalog - no one else can publish any NFL games SO we get a subpar garbage heap like this. Why try to make a great game when you bought out the rights of the competition? There are a few nice things, like decent (but not what you would expect on the 360) graphics, but nothing astounding. The playbooks are nothing special, more of the same old same old, but you can have more liberty with which defenses you call.
All in all, I'd say save your money, email EA and tell them how much they sucked this time around, and pray that either they pull their heads out next year or wait for the competition to be able to come back... I thought monopolies were illegal in this country! This kind of poor effort is one reason why. Get ahold of EA and tell them they really blew it this time. Or stop buying from them - thats one language they are sure to understand. I'm gonna play ESPN 2K5 on my PS2 just on principle.

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