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Madden NFL 07

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Alot better than 06

posted by Iceman22 (MANSFIELD, OH) Aug 28, 2006

Member since Dec 2005

In 07 there are a few new features that help alter the gameplay. In superstar mode u aim for the Hall of Fame. And when ur playing games in Superstar mode u only focus and control the player you created. Which adds to the realistic feel of the game. To me the funnest but probably most frustrating position depending on which team your drafted to is halfback. Funnest because with the new Highlight stick its easier to break would be tackles and take off for the open field. Most frustrating because you have no control on wether or not the play that is picked will stay that way or if the quarterback will change the run to a pass. perfect example is the colts. Manning would change the play atleast once or twice before calling hike. But other than that being a halfback is alot funner than being a linebacker or anything on defense and a little bit funner than being a quarterback or wide reciever. Another downside is the fact that you cant choose wether or not to challenge a play. so no matter how wrong you think the referee's are you cant challenge a play. only your coach can. And on top of that you can't pick any of your plays at all. the computer picks all of your plays for you. Which helps most of the time. but you just might not agree with the play they pick. but unless your a quaterback you can't change anything on offense. But something awesome that they added is roles. Which allows you to add ratings to you and players around you or decrease the ratings of the opposing team.Your starting role is rookie. which boosts your stamina and toughness. but you cant boost or decrease anybody's ratings except yours. but as you get better you earn more roles which allows you to do more. I give it a 9 overall. Really good game. Best madden game so far. But of course just like every game it has its flaws..

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Above Average

Mad 07

posted by Tiffany (CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MI) Aug 28, 2006

Member since Jul 2005

Mad07 is a dump.Its a copy cat of NCAA07.Its just harder 2 controll my men they say its the runners time 06 was the passer but 06 i ran 200+yards a game.Now 07 i cant run over 100.Just rent it be4 you buy EA i guess has 2 get over on us sumtimes lucky we have gamefly 2 find out 1st.

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