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Madden NFL 07

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Madden 07

posted by MHKL13 (SIOUX CITY, IA) Dec 31, 2006

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The game's awesome. Dynasty isn't fun if you do it with one team because the people on your team will get all the awards. The AI doesn't play that good of a defense. Online play is fun but frustrating. Some people just lob it deep and get lucky all the time. They get lucky INT's and fumble recoveries. It makes you want to throw your controller at the screen. The game is good though. The Highlight Stick is overused in online play. The game's fun to play on both sides of the ball however. I recommend anyone to buy the game. If you don't like football, this game'll change your mind.

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posted by Sweet13 (ENGLEWOOD, CO) Aug 21, 2006

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This game is ausome!! The new in depth NFL Super Star mode is completely revalutinized! You get to do every thing almost from bench presses to choosing your Celebrations! The new game play includes the new Highlight Stick and it is very hard when you first get the game but you will get used to it eventually. The Panthers are PIMP along with Larry Johnson in this game. The Steelers are even better than last year also. The only thing they really changed in graphical talk is the overall appearance and bumps in there jerseys, but it is still better than last year. You get more options in the franchise mode. The kicking mode is different and fun.

This is a VERY GOOD game but it is not much of a rental it is a buyer game like always.
Get this Game!!!

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Not the greatest game VERY REPETITIVE

posted by Bengals123 (WARE, MA) Aug 27, 2006

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Well, when I first got this game I thought it was going to be amazing because I saw the commercial when they were playing on the XBOX 360 with Daunte Culpepper and Chad Johnson and the graphics looked amazing and the features looked great. When I recieved this game the game has the EXACT same graphics as Madden 06 and the only new thing besides the players (Reggie Bush, Vince Young etc.) There are only some new juke moves and also the new ROLES each player can recieve example if a Quarterback is drafte in the first round he will recieve a boost ratings of 2% But, but if he fails to perform he will loose those stats and become a distraction and the teams morale will go down there are about 20 roles that the players can get it gets quite boring and dumb after awhile because if ur players get to be a distraction ur star players the QB and HB will drop an overall of about 2 or 3 stats so you will have to trade them away etc. So this game gets repetitive and the "new" superstar feature is exactly the same you have a new apartment and you can run some combines which will increase your stats a bit before the draft so play this game on the 360 and do not buy it unless you never get sick of football games. I like em' but i would buy it but put it in every day or two for maybe a game or two at a time. So buy or rent its ok but not great

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