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Card Codes

To enter the Card codes, select the "My Madden" option at the main menu. Select the "Madden Cards" option, then select the "Madden Codes" to enter the code.

  • 2W4P9T
    1st and 15 Bronze (Opponent must get 15 yards for first down)
  • 2W4P9G
    1st and 15 Silver
  • 2Y7L8B
    1st and 5 Bronze (First down yards to go set to 5)
  • 3F9G4J
    3rd Down Bronze (Opponent has 3 downs to get a 1st)
  • 3F9G4O
    3rd Down Silver
  • 3H3U7T
    3rd Down Gold
  • 3E9R4V
    5th Down Bronze (Get 5 downs to get a 1st)
  • 3E9R4I
    5th Down Silver
  • N44D6E
    Bad spot
  • 3J3S9Y
    Da Boot Bronze (Unlimited field goal range)
  • 3J3S9E
    Da Boot Silver
  • 3D3Q3P
    Extra Credit Bronze (2 points for interceptions, 1 point for sacks)
  • 3D8X6Z
    Extra Credit Gold
  • 3H3U7F
    Human Plow Bronze (Broken Tackles increased by 25%)
  • 3H8M5U
    Super Dive Bronze (Diving distance increased by 25%)
  • 3D8X6T
    Tight Fit Bronze (Opponent's uprights very narrow)
  • 2Z2F4H
    Unforced Errors Bronze (Opponent fumbles when he tries to juke)
  • 2Z2F4G
    Unforced Errors Silver
  • 5A3P0V
    Aloha Stadium
  • 6L2B9M
    Super Bowl 2006 Stadium
  • 7K5C8V
    Al Wilson Gold Card
  • 7T3V5K
    Anquan Boldin Gold Card
  • 7S4C4D
    Anthony McFarland Gold Card
  • 7J8F4J
    Ashley Lelie Gold Card
  • 7U4M9B
    Bertrand Berry Gold Card
  • 7D5W8J
    Brian Simmons Gold Card
  • 6Y5Z6H
    Brian Urlacher Gold Card
  • 7C6U4H
    Carson Palmer Gold Card
  • 7D1B2H
    Chad Johnson Gold Card
  • 7L8C2W
    Champ Bailey Gold Card
  • 7O1J3F
    DJ Williams Gold Card
  • 7Q6X4L
    Derrick Brooks Gold Card
  • 8Q2J2R
    Donovan McNabb Bronze Card
  • 5E8H1A or 8Q2J2X
    Donovan McNabb Gold Card
  • 7F5B2Y
    Eric Moulds Gold Card
  • 7D8S6J
    JP Losman Gold Card
  • 7J3Y7F
    Jake Plummer Gold Card
  • 1A2D9F
    John Lynch Gold Card
  • 7Q2E45
    Kellen Winslow Jr Gold Card
  • 7U6B3L
    LaDainian Tomlinson Gold Card
  • 7T6B5N
    Larry Fitzgerald Gold Card
  • 7H9E8L
    Lawyer Milloy Gold Card
  • 7P5G3N
    Lee Suggs Gold Card
  • 7T1G2Y
    Michael Clayton Gold Card
  • 6Z9X5Y
    Olin Kreutz Gold Card
  • 6W5J6Z
    Rex Grossman Gold Card
  • 7R7V2E
    Ronde Barber Gold Card
  • 7D1X8K
    Rudi Johnson Gold Card
  • 7Q6F4G
    Simeon Rice Gold Card
  • 7H3B2Y
    Takeo Spikes Gold Card
  • 6X7W2O
    Thomas Jones Gold Card
  • 7A7Z2G
    Tommie Harris Gold Card
  • 7E3G7Y
    Willis McGahee Gold Card
  • WROA0R 
    QB On Target card
  • XL7SP1 
    Mistake Free card
  • 5LAWO0 
    Lame Duck card
  • RLA9R7  
    Super Bowl XLI Gold card
  • WRLUF8  
    Super Bowl XLII Gold card
  • NIEV4A  
    Super Bowl XLIII Gold card
  • M5AB7L  
    Super Bowl XLIV Gold card
  • YI8P8U  
    Aloha Stadium Gold card