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Very Good

a good game, horrible superstar mode

posted by theburner (FOLSOM, CA) Jun 19, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

the new QB vision is easy to get a hang on to, and the new truck stick for the offense is a great addition, but the superstar mode is boring. The simulating between days takes a while and the practices are very long and tedious. it's only for the people who like all of the day to day things of the NFL.

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GF Rating


Not That Bad

posted by santom72 (GALLINA, NM) May 20, 2006

Member since Jun 2004

This was an ok football game but trying to get used to the new quarter back controls is a pain in the butt. I myself like ESPN football game better it doesn't have the same graphics but it's a lot easier to control.

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GF Rating


BOOM! I have bumble bees in my helmet!

posted by ecco3benwa (HORN LAKE, MS) Apr 28, 2006

Member since Dec 2005

First I would like to say that I have been a Madden fan for a long time out of all of his titles this years Madden really has a lot more features thrown into it than any other, such as the QB vision, and the ability to set man lock, double coverage, the hit stick(my favorite) and you can now use your Created Teams in the full franchise mode. With all of this said I would like to know what happened to the overall polish on the game. I noticed a lot more collision detection problems this year than the previous 2 years. The graphics for some reason seem a lot choppier as well...does this mean the game is all means NO! Its Phenomenal! I am basically saying its just not as pleasing to the eyes this year as was last years, but it more than makes up for it in editions. The QB vision (if your a stickler for realism like I am) is great because you really notice the difference between say a Donovan Mcnabb VS. a Michael Mcmahon in terms of what the QB can do on the field, it effects accuracy if your not looking at the receiver your throwing too, and really forces the gamer to step up their game. This feature is optional (you can turn it off.) The Hit stick is great causing your key player to make huge hits and possibly cause fumbles when the game is on the line, but use wisely a big whiff could lead to the opponent scoring. (especially in Madden mode) I also find that being able to manually assign the double coverage on the field can really help out on those 3rd and long situations where you know they are throwing to Moss. The music selection is full of great bands and rappers and has a nice mix to it, the controls as always are pretty much flawless, except your analog stick will take heavy abuse. Unfortunately as with all his titles the commentary while good, still can follow behind a little, make no sense at times, and get very repetitive, fortunately for you it is also optional. Though its the only football game this year its still the best. Enjoy!

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