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It's a "Madworld", and I'm just paying rent

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Mar 28, 2009

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An unknown terrorist group (or something similar to a terrorist group) has taken control of an island, cutting it off from the rest of society.
The citizens are forced to fight each other for survival and it's all put on TV - for your entertainment.
When I say "your entertainment", I mean anyone who is playing Madworld will be entertained by the set up. You play as a guy named Jack who has to fight his way up the Deathwatch ranking by killing almost everyone he meets.
Each stage requires Jack to gather up a certain number of points. He gets those points by killing his opponents.
But he gets more points if he off them off with style - one example is Jack could shove a sign post into his adversary's neck and stick him into a wall of spikes.
Once he gets the needed points (or more), Jack can initiate a boss fight by ringing a large bell which appears after the needed points are scored.
The stark black and white look is a new twist on visuals, and it's great to look at. There's also plenty of blood red to be splashed all over. This game will have you sawing people in half, tossing them into fans to be mutilated or run over by busses and trains. It's fun at the simplest level.
But Madworld has problems; first off, the camera has a tendency to wander about at the wrong times.
Also, the lock on system is hit or miss (why hold down the button when all I should do is just press it?)
And picking up weapons off the ground is tedious at best.
But, hard core gamers will like the idea of finding creative ways to off the bad guys, and the fact there's a lot of bad guys to be killed. Also, some of the two player games are fun (I would've like to have four players participate in those mini games).
Madworld is a sick, twisted, demented game that's not for the faint of heart - or for the underage crowd (it's M for MATURE, not MILD), but it's very good as what it does. BUY IT.

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Wii's God Of War, And My favorite Wii game

posted by RBCurran (HARLINGEN, TX) Mar 27, 2009

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This is my favorite game on the Wii since No More Heroes. It's just as absurdly over the top, but even more stylish.

The visuals, straight out of Frank Miller's Sin City (more the comics than the movie, since there actual panels in the cinematics) is the most striking thing I've seen on the Wii. The voice acting is great (and hilarious, in the case of the profane announcers played by Greg Proops and John DiMaggio).

Best of all, it controls very well. The motion controls don't feel gimmicky, as they're used well and sparingly (although you will occasionally lose a life or two due to reacting a split second too late during motion control based quick time events during the boss battles).

Those boss battles are very reminiscent of God of War, and not just because of the quick time events. They use each stage's set piece very well for dealing out massive punishment to your adversaries.

This game is the uber violent Sin City story Frank Miller never had time to create. It's also the spiritual successor to No More Heroes and the closest thing the Wii has to answer to the God of War series. So, if any of that appeals to you, definitely give this a rent. I can't speak much to replay value (I can't imagine I'll ever play through it again), but I thoroughly enjoyed my two weeks with it. I mean, I liked it more than Resident Evil 5, and I liked RE 5.

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Blood lovers rejoice!

posted by Tsunade (RENO, NV) Mar 25, 2009

Member since Feb 2004

Mad world is the most violent game I've ever played the graphics are pretty awesome all black and white (but in a good way) with blood being the only color. To tell the truth the only problem is it's short maybe 6-8 hours long. The game is just awesome within the first hour you probably spilled 17 gallons of your enemy's blood so as the title suggest if you like blood you'll love this game.

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