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Way too repetitive.

posted by borislav (DES PLAINES, IL) Apr 12, 2009

Member since Jul 2007

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I've played my share of repetitive games in the past, and some of them were actually fun despite the fact (No More Heroes comes to mind). MadWorld just doesn't have enough redeeming qualities however.

After an hour or so of playing you'll realize that really, the entire game boils down to you running down a black-and-white street and tossing bad guys into various objects. Apparently there are other ways to kill your enemies too, but the game doesn't adequately reward you for figuring them out--you just get extra points, which means you get to face the level's boss a little quicker--so you probably won't feel determined enough to experiment. I sure didn't.

Back to the black-and-white thing though, it's just not cool... or original. I mean it's a little strange that after the success of Sin City and Gears of War a game would come along that tries to combine the two concepts, because let's face it, the game looks like Sin City and the protagonist looks like a Gears of War reject. Moreover, every environment feels the same, and it's easy to get lost and overly reliant on your mini-map--a game concept which I've despised since its inception.

One final note, and THIS IS IMPORTANT IF YOU'RE A HOMEBREW SUPPORTER. MadWorld forces your Wii to update to version 4.0, otherwise you can't play it.

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What's black, white, & red all over...?

posted by Cavalier41 (CORONA, CA) Apr 16, 2009

Member since Sep 2006

4 out of 7 gamers (57%) found this review helpful

Madworld is one of the few mature wii titles on the market, but is that enough to make it interesting? Sadly, I think not. The game is a visual marvel, no doubt, the stark contrast of black and white works well, and the game is well polished. Sadly the presentation was the most interesting part of the game.

Gameplay - For the most part the concept is simple. The main character Jack, involved in a running man style gameshow where the object is to kill or be killed. We quickly learn that Jack's motives for being in this maniacal wasteland are not so simple, but I won't get into the story. The basics are these: you enter a section of the city, you kill all the guys (in satisfyingly gruesome ways) and you earn points based on style and combination kills. For example: stab a guy through the throat with a street sign, you get points. Stab a guy with a street sign, stuff him in a burning trash can, then throw him into a spiked wall, and you get a nice bonus. This; however, gets kind of boring and since this is mostly what you do, it makes it hard to stay interested. The monotony is occasionally broke up by mini games, boss fights, and driving sequences, but all in all it's pretty repetetive. Finally the controls are for the most part solid, with a few minor problems, but the camera can be frustrating, especially since the lock on feature doesn't always perform well. A final note, The announcers are hilarious, foul mouthed and crude, but hilarious for these reasons.

Graphics - Good, stylized, comic style graphics that run smoothly, and work well on the wii.

Sound - The voice acting is above average, and the soundtrack is a hip hop mix that works especially well.

In the end, this is a technically solid game that sadly, is way too repetitive. The Combat becomes shallow, and in a game that is based on the combat, I would expect more.

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GF Rating


The point? Score points!

posted by Deltree (NEW BRIGHTON, PA) Apr 16, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

5 out of 10 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

When I saw trailers for this title I was expecting a free roaming fragfest in a stylized metropolis. What I found when I put the disc in was a completely different story. Instead, Sega dished up an M game with an EC level concept. For as much as I could stomach, the only real goal was to run though the horrifically linear environment slaughtering the same enemy type over and over again until a certain amount of points are accumulated. As you butcher your way through the weakling enemies, two commentators continuously repeat the same jokes time and time again. I can't remember if any of them were funny the first time as I was already getting bored five minutes after the tutorial ended. It's a real shame, Sega has the core of a really good game, the motion attacks in particular work very well, and the feel of the game is great. Most of the voice overs are good, but I wish they wouldn't have got the guy who did wolverine from marvel alliance to play the lead role, if he had claws and healing factor I wouldn't mind so much.

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