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Mad Dash Racing

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GF Rating

63 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Mad Dash Racing

Left Thumbstick Move and Steer Character
Right Thumbstick Swirl/Aim
A Button Jump/Glide (double tap)(special action)while jumping/Unpause
B Button Attack/Stunt in air/Rail SLide
X Button Powerslide (while turning)
Y Button Use Powerup
White Button Center Camera
Black Button Zoom Camera
Left Trigger Dash (special action)
Right Trigger Bash (special action)
Start Pause

Combo #1 Dash: Press the left thumbstick in any direction and then press the Left Trigger
Combo #2 Bash: Right Trigger
Combo #3 Glide: Tap A to jump, IN the air, tap A again and hold to glide.