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Entertaining for a while

posted by Vlennert (HOUSTON, TX) Dec 21, 2007

Member since Dec 2007

13 out of 19 gamers (68%) found this review helpful

I am not a MX or ATV fan, but so many people were so eagerly awaiting this game I figured I'd check it out on my Gamefly account.

Basically, I don't like it much. It is midly entertaining for a while, but it gets old really fast. I'm not the type to get bored with a game quickly, but this one just isn't holding my attention.

My main complaints are as follows:

1) Air time is just ridiculous. Yes, they added more air to do tricks in this one, but um, jumping like 60 feet in the air and getting tangled in the trees on the side of the course is a little bit over the top, especially when you're driving an ATV.

2)AI is just STUPID and GLITCHED. I am either finishing 45 seconds ahead of the rest of the pack (yes, FORTY FIVE SECONDS AHEAD!!) or I go flying off my bike with the slightest tap from an AI rider. Oddly enough, if I tap or hit HIM, I also go flying and he just keeps right on going. This can get very frustrating very quickly.

3) Graphics and sounds are not good for a next gen 360 game. The people (other than the bike riders, those are fine) are seriously blobs. The chick that holds the sign up before the race starts looks like they took 10 minutes to render her. Even her clothes are terrible looking. The people in the stands are just blobs. The guys along the sidelines, blobs that run if you get too close. I think you get the idea. The only really believeable surface for me is the sand and water...all other surfaces and the trail you leave as well as any dirt that flies up..all look terrible. I won't even get started on the sound...for most of the vehicles it is really bad. The ATV is really the only thing that sounds believeable to me.

4) No restart of a race without either A backing all the way out and losing your progress in the series or playing the whole race and then restarting.

Bottom line, some easy achievement points, but this one is a definate rental UNLESS you are a MX/ATV fanatic. It may even get old for you die hards!

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Like to MOTO? Rent it!

posted by mxmarshall (PLEASANT HILL, CA) Dec 20, 2007

Member since Nov 2006

7 out of 10 gamers (70%) found this review helpful

This game has it all bikes, quads, trucks and buggies and don't forget minis. Great racing and freestyle. The best is you can race your buddy's online. 12 of them at the same time. The graphics can be a little better for next gen console. For the most part recommend the game for any moto guys or gals.

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My 4 Year Old Boy Loves this Game!

posted by Spidey008 (KING, NC) Nov 30, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

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My 4 year old son loves this game. He has only played the demo, but he plays it over and over. We don't see many atv racing games on the xbox 360. For kids, this is a great game that they will love. I'm planning on getting it for Christmas.

I'd also recommend Pure, it is a great game.

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