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Really Bad


posted by naruto321 (PROVO, UT) Jun 13, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

my brother loved this game but me i didn't like it at all. by the way if you want a cheat to unlock ??? the cheat is "yougotit"

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Difficult controls make more frustration than fun

posted by PipBoy (ZELIENOPLE, PA) Apr 29, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

I've been riding ATV's since I was 8 and Dirt Bikes since I was 11 and I can say riding a Dirt Bike in real life is much easier than racing one in this game. The controls wouldn't be bad if you were on flat terrain, but with endless mounds and turns it makes using the "Wheel" or "Horizontal" control style impossible and frustrating. On any setting but the easiest expect to come in last place using these control schemes. The game is much more passable if you use the nunchuck wiimote combo or I would assume the classic controller as well though I didn't have one to try. The best class of vehicles has to be the ATV's as far as control. This is where the game truly shined and I didn't feel the controls got in the way of the fun. The off-road trucks and Monster trucks were certainly an after thought. Both handle like their tires are bald and they've got weather balloons lifting half their weight from the ground depriving them of much needed traction. I was very let down by this game and didn't mind sacrificing Xbox 360 graphics for a better control scheme. Problem is the controls simply weren't given the TLC they needed to shine.

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Who wins in "MX vs ATV"? Not me.

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Apr 12, 2008

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Member since Jan 2008

The guys who made this game touted that it had revolutionized the control scheme for racing games on the Wii.
I had trouble with the new control setup; turning with the Nunchuck was way too loose, and I either ended up underturning or overturning.
The graphics and presentation weren't great, either. Racing through the tracks and preforming jumps didn't give me any thrill; it was like I'm watching an average race between off road vehicles.
What really ticked me off was the many, many races I would have to run in order to buy a new vehicle or improve the preformance of my current ride. And no, I'm not interested in buying a new uniform or stickers.
No thanks, I'll wait for a better racing game, or I'll go back to EXCITE TRUCK.

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