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MX vs. ATV Reflex

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Mx vs atv reflex

posted by racer113 (PHOENIX, AZ) Mar 13, 2010

Member since May 2008

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Mx vs atv reflex is the best motorcross game I have ever played!! The game just takes a day to get used to the new control system called rider reflex. The graphics are great. The physics are great. Every thing about this game is great. If your a supercross or mortocyle fan you will love this game.

Here are some cheat codes for mx vs atv reflex.

1.ALLAI unlocks all riders in arcade mode.

2. GEAREDUP unlocks all jersy/pants or gear.

3. READYTORACE unlocks ktm bikes and Justin Braytin.

4.BRAPBRAP unlocks all mx bikes.

I truly recommend buying this game

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I Liked It!

posted by TTROM54 (GLENSHAW, PA) Dec 22, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

11 out of 12 gamers (92%) found this review helpful

There has been alot of people saying that this game isn't any good. It is. If you have played all of the Mx Vs. Atv games you know how good they are, and this one is no exception. I'll talk about the bad first, I really had to nit-pick.

I have a PS3 so i cant speak for the xbox 360 but AT LEAST once a race there is a "lag" if you can call it that since its not online. Nothing major but it does seem to throw off timing a bit.
Another thing is that sometimes you can crash very easily and sometimes you hit something, do a 360, and land it sideways. In a way that is realistic but not that drastic of a difference.
There is a series called Omnicross in which you can use any vehicle in the game. Sounds fun, it is, except the frist time you do it, there are 3 series in each type of races. Anyways the first time you do Omnicross you do not have any thing but MX, MX Lite, and ATV's unlocked. That sucks. I couldnt hit a jump or make a turn without getting smashed by a truck. I had to finish in 2nd and come back and beat it when i unlocked a truck.
The last negitave i can think of is not being able to go into as much custumization as i would like. There are a set amount of paint jobs that you can have, but i was satisfied with all the choices for the rider.

Now on the the good, which heavily outweighs the bad.

The graphics are great. The game is fun. Those are the two most important things. It does take about an hour or two depending on how fast u can pick it up to learn but you can just do free ride after doing the tutorial. Another thing that is huge with me is the trophies are pretty easy to get. I have only had it for 6 days and havent played it every day, probley about 20-24 hours all together, and i only need to win an online race with 11 human racers to get the platinum. The online is hard to win in, but fun. There are 2 fun mini game, tag and snake. All together i would have to give this game a 9.2. Deffantaly a fun game and WELL worth renting

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posted by MadMike76 (BARTLESVILLE, OK) May 22, 2010

Member since May 2010

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Overall I guess the game was decent... I think I enjoyed the demo more than the actual game... The game is cool but only THREE Free-Ride maps? That sucked... I really enjoyed the other versions of MX where I could free-ride anything in the game... It was much more fun... Also the free-ride tracks sucked. Great for the truck... But sucked for the bikes and quads unless you're more into trail blazing.

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