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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Cameron Steele

By getting the World's Longest Jump trophy.

Elrod the Viking

In Rock Ridge freestyle track go to the left until you notice the chair lift. Head downhill to the lower tower. Look for the stone ramp to the right (while still facing downhill). Speed up to around 45 mph, preload, and jump to the tower and stop on top of it. You must now travel up to the higher tower riding on the cables. When you reach the other side, will By getting the Lift Tower Challenge trophy to unlock Elrod the Viking.


By getting the Crane's Eye View trophy.

Custom Bee motorcycle

By getting the World's Highest Jump trophy.

Custom Playa motorcycle

By getting the Dominate 125cc Pro Race Season trophy.

Special Fire motorcycle

By getting the Dominate 250cc Pro Freestyle Season trophy.

Balloon toss mini-game

By getting the Safety First trophy.

Wheelball mini-game

By getting the Mega Stunt trophy.

Special Tiger motorcycle

By getting the Dominate 125cc Pro Freestyle Season trophy.

Custom Water motorcycle

By getting the Dominate 250cc Pro Race Season trophy.

Custom Zebra motorcycle

Go to West Valley Freestyle in one player mode. Go down to the basement and go off one of the jumps. It will take you to a place on top. Follow the way then do the big jump at the end to complete the Brave The Vertical Drop challenge. The Trophy awarded message will appear and you unlock the Custom Zebra motorcycle.

Extra track editor barriers

By getting the Dramatic Entrance trophy.

Extra track editor movable objects

By getting the Impossible Stoppie trophy.

Extra track editor ramps

By getting the Impossible Wheelie trophy.