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MVP Baseball 2004


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Also on:PS2, GC
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Gameplay Controls

MVP Baseball 2004

Right Thumbstick (click and hold) Square to Bunt (release to pull back)
A Button Swing

Directional Pad Steal / Choose base destination (press toward base you are trying to steal)
Right Thumbstick Slide (EA SPORTS Big Play Control). Increase/decrease leadoff (Up = inrease all leadoffs; Down = decrease all leadoffs; Left = increase lead of highlighted runner; Right = decrease lead of highlighted runner).
B Button Control runner at 1st
X Button Control runner at 3rd
Y Button Control runner at 2nd
White Button Steal / Choose base destination (stops selected runner)
Black Button Steal / Choose base destination (stops all runners)
Left Trigger Advance/retreat all runners
Right Trigger Advance/retreat all runners

Left Thumbstick Choose pitch location. (Click and hold) + Left Trigger or Right Trigger = View pitch history to toggle at bats.
A Button Throw a pitch
B Button Throw a pitch
X Button Throw a pitch
Y Button Throw a pitch
White Button (press and hold) + Directional Pad Up/Down (Left/Right to toggle between bullpens and dugouts) = View Bullpen/Dugout menu
Black Button Throw a pitch
Left Trigger + B, Y or X = Pickoff attempt. Left Trigger + A = Pitchout. Left Trigger + Left Thumbstick (click) = Intentionally hit the batter.
Right Trigger + Directional Pad = Choose infield/outfield alignment (before pitch).

Left Thumbstick Move fielder
Right Thumbstick EA SPORTS Big Play Control
A Button Throw to home (press and hold to power up, release to throw)
B Button Throw to 1st (press and hold to power up, release to throw)
X Button Throw to 3rd (press and hold to power up, release to throw)
Y Button Throw to 2nd (press and hold to power up, release to throw)
Right Trigger (hold) Throw to the cut-off man


To master your skills, be sure to use the in-game tutorial which you will find in the Main Menu.


The Strike zone is divided into nine colored squares. Red squares mark the batter's hot zones. Blue squares are the batter's cold zones. Clear squares are neutral for the batter.

Take unprecedented control at the plate by moving the Left Thumbstick during your swing.

-The results of your swing depend on your timing, the location of the pitch, and the direction you move the Left Thumbstick.
-For the best results, move the Left Thumbstick towards the location of the pitch.
-To hit the ball in the air, move the Left Thumbstick Diagonal Up-Left / Up / Diagonal Up-Right while swinging. This increases the chances of hitting a fly ball, but also increases your chances of missing the ball if the pitch isn't up in the zone.
-To hit the ball on the ground, move the Left Thumbstick Diagonal Left-Down / Down / Diagonal Right-Down while swinging. Keep in mind that high pitches are very difficult to hit on the ground.
-To hit the ball to the left, move the Left Thumbstick Diagonal Left- Down / Left / Diagonal Up-Left while swinging. For the best results, use this when the pitch is coming in on the left side of the plate.
-To hit the ball to the right, move the Left Thumbstick Diagonal Right-Down / Right / Diagonal Up-Right while swinging. For the best results, use this when the pitch is coming in on the right side of the plate.


1. Press and hold the button that corresponds to the pitch you want to throw. The bar inside the pitch meter begins moving.
2. Release the pitch button when the bar reaches the end of the pitch meter. The closer your release point is to the end of the meter, the more effective the pitch is.
3. Press the pitch button again when the bar is within the green accuracy zone near the beginning of the pitch cycle to determine the pitch's accuracy.
-The effect of a bad pitch depends on the type of pitch. For example, ineffective fastballs are slower than normal, and less effective breaking pitches are flatter.
-If a pitcher misses the green accuracy zone by a considerable amount, an indicator (red for hot zone, blue for cold zone, yellow for ball, white for neutral) appears to tip off the batter to the location of the pitch.


Your pitcher's pitch selection appears on-screen. Not all pitchers have the same arsenal of pitches. A pitcher's four-seam fastball is always assigned to A Button. The remaining pitches are assigned to B, Y, X and Black Button (though not all pitchers have five pitches).


-If you power up the throw into the red zone, you throw harder, but less accurately, which could result in an error.
-If you select to throw to either a base or the cut-off man before the ball arrives, the fielder begins his throw immediately upon receiving the ball.

NOTE: The CPU automatically adjusts your defensive alignment based on the situation. However, you can override this by choosing the infield and outfield alignments yourself.


Using the all-new EA SPORTS Big Play Control, you can climb the fence to rob home runs, make spectacular diving catches, slide around tags, and more.


- To dive or stretch for a ball just out of your reach, move the Right Thumbstick Left/Right toward the ball.
-To climb the wall to snag a would-be home run or jump for a ball over your head, move the Right Thumbstick Up.
-To make a sliding catch, move the Right Thumbstick Down as the ball approaches.

Timing is the key to a perfect slide. Use EA SPORTS Big Play Control to create havoc on the base paths.

Right Thumbstick:
Up = Head-first slide
Diagonal Up-Left/Up-Right = Head-first slide to the left/right side of the bag
Down = Pop-up slide
Diagonal Down-Right/Down-Left = Hook slide to the right/left side of the bag
Up = Dislodge ball from catcher.