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MTX: Mototrax

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Also on:PS2
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Gameplay Controls

MTX: Mototrax


Tricks: As you progress through your career, you will learn new tricks. You don't start off with very many, but the more Free Ride objectives you complete, the more tricks you'll open. Access your trickbook in the PDA to see tricks you've gained and how to perform them.

Compressing the Suspension: Compressing suspension helps you to get bigger air when coming off a jump, and is key to racing and clearing obstacles. When you come up on a jump, pull back (Down) on the Left Thumbstick, and you will see the Compression Meter fill up with red. At the top of the jump, push the Left Thumbstick Up to release the suspension. You can also use the A Button for compressing.

Whoops Sections: Lean back when riding through this section by pressing down on the Left Thumbstick. This will help you skim over the tops of the bumps.

Clutch: The clutch disengages the engine and gives you a small speed boost when it re-engages. Use the Left Trigger to clutch. Try it on the inside of turns.

Directional Pad Steering/line up landing
Left Thumbstick Steering/line up landing
X Button Brake
Right Trigger Accelerate
Combo #1 Left Thumbstick Up + Right Trigger = Starting line boost
Combo #2 Hold Left Thumbstick Down + Right Trigger (tap repeatedly) = Pop wheelie
Combo #3 Left Thumbstick Forward + X = Endo

Directional Pad Change the pieces
Left Thumbstick Change the pieces
A Button Accept
B Button Delete
X Button Close track
Y Button Help
Left Trigger Rotate pieces
Right Trigger Rotate pieces

Directional Pad Choose different track piece
Left Thumbstick Choose different track piece
X Button Re-open track
Y Button Help
White Button Turn bales off or on
Black Button Change color of bales
Left Trigger Move forward or backward along track
Right Trigger Move forward or backward along track