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MLB Power Pros


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Also on:PS2
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Gameplay Controls

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MLB Power Pros
Control Stick
Line Up Sweetspot Cursor
Control Pad
Down = Swing.
A Button
B Button
Change Sweetspot Cursor
- Button
Move Sweetspot Cursor Back to Center
Line up bat with ball using Control Stick, then get into bunting position by pressing the Control Pad to the right after the pitcher throws the ball.
Control Pad
Up = Advance All Runners. Advance Faster (Quickly Press Up Twice). Right = Return All Runners. Retreat Faster (Hold).
Halt All Runners
Advance to Specified Base (Steal)
Use Control Stick to choose a base, then press Control Pad left to begin runner's motion.
Return to Specified Base
Choose base with Control Stick, then press Control Pad down.
Control Stick
Control Pitch Location (While Pitcher Is in Motion).
Control Pad
Down = Start Wind-Up. Speed Up Pitch (Press Repeatedly After Ball Is Thrown). Control Pitch Location (While Pitcher Is in Motion). Right = Pick Off Runner at First Base. Up = Pick Off Runner at Second Base. Left = Pick Off Runner at Third Base.
A Button
Start Wind-Up. Speed Up Pitch (Press Repeatedly After Ball Is Thrown).
Choose Pitch Type
After pressing Control Pad in selected direction, press B Button to switch between each direction's assigned pitches.
Waste Pitches
After you initiate the pitch but before you release it, press Z Button to toss the catcher an easy pitch.
Control Stick
Control Highlighted Fielder
Control Pad
Right = Throw Ball to First. Up = Throw Ball to Second. Left = Throw Ball to Third. Down = Throw Ball Home.
A Button
B Button
Change Fielder Being Controlled. Throw Ball to Cut-Off Man.
C Button
Fake Throw
Fielding Near Fence
While moving toward fence, press the C Button or Z Button to get on top of the fence. Press the A Button to jump off.
Change Outfield Positioning
Change Infield Positioning