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MLB Power Pros


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Gameplay Controls

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MLB Power Pros
Directional Button
Line Up Sweetspot Cursor
X Button
R1 Button
Change Sweetspot Cursor
R2 Button
Change Sweetspot Cursor
Select Button
Return Sweetspot Cursor to Center
Line up bat with ball using Directional Buttons. Get into bunt position after the pitcher throws the ball by pressing the Circle Button.
Circle Button
Return All Runners. Return All Runners Quickly (Hold).
Triangle Button
Advance All Runners
Advance All Runners Quickly
Press Twice
Halt All Runners
Advance to Specified Base (Steal)
Return to Specified Base
Directional Button
Select Pitch Location (While Pitch Is in Motion)
X Button
Start Wind-Up. Speed Up Pitch After Thrown (Press Repeatedly).
Square Button
Pick Off Runner at Third Base
Triangle Button
Pick Off Runner at Second Base
Circle Button
Pick Off Runner at First Base
Choose Pitch Type
After pressing Control Pad in selected direction, press R1 Button to switch between each direction's assigned pitches.
Waste Pitches
Throw pitch off the plate to defend against steal, sacrifice bunt or squeeze bunt.
Directional Button
Control Highlighted Fielder
X Button
Throw to Home Plate
Square Button
Throw to Third Base
Triangle Button
Throw to Second Base
Circle Button
Throw to First Base
L1 Button
Switch Marker to Fielder Close to the Ball. Fake a Throw.
R1 Button
Affix Marker to Fielder You Are Controlling. Throw to a Cut-Off Man.
R2 Button
Throw to a Cut-Off Man.
Sliding Catch
Diving Catch
Slight Jump
Diagonal Jump
Climb Fence. Wall Jump.
While moving toward fence, press and hold Circle Button to get to the top of the fence, then press the Square Button to jump off.
Change Outfield Positioning
Change Infield Positioning