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MLB Power Pros 2008

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Also on:DS, PS2
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Gameplay Controls

MLB Power Pros 2008
MLB Power Pros can be played using the Nunchuk Controller and Wii Remote, the Wii Classic Controller, or the GameCube Controller. The instructions below are for the default Nunchuk Controller and Wii Remote. You may change the controls by using the controller of your choice.
Control Stick
Move Position of Bat. Change Direction of Ball Hit While Swinging.
Control Pad
Right = Bunt
A Button
B Button
Change Sweetspot Cursor
Control Pad
Up = Advance All Runners. Right = Return All Runners
Halt All Runners
Advance Runner to Specific Base. Steal.
Return to a Specific Base
Boost Speed
While runner are moving, boost their speed a little by repeatedly pressing the B Button and the Z Button.
Control Stick
Choose Pitch Type. Select Pitching Location.
Control Pad
Down = Start Wind-Up. Throw. Right = Pickoff to First Base. Up = Pickoff to Second Base. Left = Pickoff to Third Base.
A Button
Start Wind-Up. Throw.
B Button
Switch Between Pitches in Same Direction
Z Button
Waste Pitch
Control Stick
Control Pad
Right = Throw to First Base. Dive. Up = Throw to Second Base. Jump. Left = Throw to Third Base. Dive. Down = Throw to Home Plate. Dive.
A Button
Jump. Dive. Throw to First Base.
B Button
Remain in Control of Current Fielder. Throw to Cut-Off Man.
C Button
Fake Throw. Defend for Bunt (Hold).
Climb Fence
Outfield Positioning
Infield Positioning
Set Fielding Positions One Player at a Time
Wii Remote
Hold Wii Remote sideways and make sure the A Button faces upward.
Control Pad
Select Pitch
B Button
Waste Pitch
1 Button
Reset Pitch
- Button
Pitch Towards Left Side of the Plate
+ Button
Pitch to the Right Side of the Plate
Swing. Speed up Runners.
Throw to Specific Base
Right = Throw to First Base. Up = Throw to Second Base. Left = Throw to Third Base. Down = Throw to Home Plate.