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Just like a top prospect, it has alot of potential

posted by denny417 (GLEN ELLYN, IL) Jan 27, 2009

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2K Sports has released the first baseball sim to ever hit the new era consoles.

The Good:

Fantasy players dream. If you're one of those people that end up adjusting rosters and simming seasons more then playing the actual game then you wont be disappointed. This game has extreme depth, bidding on Japanese players, Rule 5 Draft, Arbitration, you name it its pretty much on this game. Creating your GM is cool feature. You can dress and have your GM look they way you want them to, as well as giving them personality traits that can help strengthen your GM's skills. Depending on the moves you make with your roster, you will gain/lose skill points.

The Bad:

Navigating the menus is an extreme bothersome process. Instead of being able to navigate multiple things at once, each thing has its own menu. Instead of being able to pull up your roster and look at the Free Agents at the same time, you have to close everything, open up your roster menu, look at the rosters, close it, then find the FA menu and by that time you forgot who you wanted to sign. The AI is kind of disappointing as well. The more you play the more stupid moves you will see the AI make such as signing Chipper Jones to a 6yr/$40M deal or the Phillies signing Orlando Hudson to have him sit on the bench. GM's also have no motivation in there moves. All Gm's are the same so you wont see a team try and net prospects or go trade frenzy.

Final Note:

For those who thought this was a regular baseball game it is not. This is a complete baseball sim that is centered around becoming a GM and building your team to become a baseball powerhouse. This game has extreme depth but the menu navigation kind of downs all the cool features it has. This game is good for a first time release, but its just not there yet. Hopefully 2K makes another one next year that improves the AI and other problems. If you like Baseball Mogul, OOTP Baseball then you should have fun with this game.

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No middle ground here

posted by Droppo (MOUNTLAKE TERRACE, WA) Feb 1, 2009

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Don't touch this game if you aren't already inclined to enjoy stats based games with a lot of text and numbers and not much by way of graphics.

If this sounds like something you might like, then read on. If not, run far far away. Because this game is mostly arranging and rearranging names and positions to infinity. I spent the first hour playing this game on day one. I had to read through so many lists and figure out which of my minor leagers were worth paying attention to and setting up contracts or deciding whether or not to offer arbitration to Milton Bradley, that it was literally an hour before I ever hit the button to progress to day 2!!!

I enjoyed that. BUT my attempts to sign free agents in the off season didn't go very well. Just like in real life, pitchers don't seem too eager to sign on with the Texas Rangers. And I even had one guy reject my offer to play elsewhere for 3 million a year less than what I offered him!!! Frustrating, but realistic.

Slow and time consuming, but fun if you are into numbers and tracking prospects. The reviewer who said it was like watching grass grow actually had it right. But in this case, some people might like watching this grass grow. I thought it was a good game overall, but it would need to develop a little more before I would commit to buying it.

It is a nice tide-me-over between now and baseball season though. If you don't want to sit around waiting to see how much Manny Ramirez is going to sign for, maybe give this game a try instead.

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Above Average

Not Bad - Needs Some Work

posted by steve2722 (JAMESTOWN, NY) Jan 31, 2009

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The first thing Take Two needs to re-do is in the setting the lineups screen. If you are going to have so many injuries occurring, you need to make the lineup screen more of a breeze to change it. In MLB 2K8 they had it perfect, who was the genius to decide to go away from it.

Way to many injuries. AROD, Derek Jeter & Mike Mussina played in a combined 24 games in my first season. They would come back from injury then go back on the DL.

A tip screen needs to be added, especially for the 25 man roster deadline. I spent over an hour to find out I needed to add someone. I wished there was a menu / screen that would have told me what I needed.

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