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posted by childofgod562 (LONG BEACH, CA) Mar 26, 2013

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Do you know how you read reviews saying this is the same game as MLB 2K12? This is LITERALLY the same game! I even had to check to make sure the same the same cover athlete was not on 2K13. There is no difference at all. No tweaks. Only updated rosters. I love sports of all kind, so I got it anyways after reading the reviews and I am so frustrated that I wasted a game pick on this game.

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.... Seriously?

posted by YewgohtPewptohn (ROY, WA) Mar 19, 2013

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Sports games in general get a pretty bad rap for being the same from year-to-year. But this is just ridiculous. Its seriously the EXACT SAME GAME with updated graphics, rosters, and maybe a few improvements that are barely noticable. Honestly, the default 2K player ratings aren't that great to begin with, so you're better off. You're better off going to 2k Share and downloading custom player ratings. A buddy of mine was playing 2k12 at the same time I was playing 2k13. He downloaded a custom roster and it was the exact same custom roster I had downloaded. So, you're better off just playing 2k12 and downloading a custom roster, which is something you'd want to do with 2k13 anyways. Not only is 2k13 virtually the same game as it's predecessor, its predecessor may well have been better. One error that I found in the game that proves all they did was remask this game Is when you start a franchise and get to the draft. The draft order is the exact same as the 2012 draft order. This is not determined by anything that happens in the game, as it is predetermined by the previous year's record. I.e. The Mariners still have the 3rd pick, when they should be picking 12th. There are also a lot of errors with the announcing, which used to be a strength of this franchise (as much as I dislike Steve Philips and John Kruk). The announcing is much less intuitive, sometimes having nothing to do with the situation, and its probably less common for a player to be called the right name that it is for them to be called the wrong one. Usually a player will be called by a teammate's or former teammate's name (but only if they were teammates in 2k12, for example: Mike Morse gets called Ian Desmond and Josh Hamilton gets called Adrian Beltre). Bottomline, if you're desperate for a baseball game. Look for a used copy of 2k12... Or better yet, buy a PS3 so you can play The Show.

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This again??? It's time for some competition!

posted by Droppo (MOUNTLAKE TERRACE, WA) Mar 14, 2013

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The exclusivity agreement between MLB and 2K will end soon. It can't end soon enough though. This is the same game as last year which was almost the same game as the year before that.

I'm still playing 2k8. The lighting isn't as good and the frame rate is choppy, but the gameplay is better and I actually think the graphics are better too. The players' faces are crisper in 2k8. After 2k9 hit, the players look blobby and cartoony as far as skin textures go. The company needs to hire some new artists and go back to the same gameplay they had in 2k8. I have tried the new version every year, and have had to come here and write almost the same review every year. So sick of this "product" being the same tired ugly worthless thing every year.

Ok. I'm going to go fire up my 2k8 again and hope it doesn't crash on me like it did last night. But it's still better than 2k9-2k13!!

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