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MLB 14 The Show

posted by lafleming (DOUGLASVILLE, GA) Oct 20, 2014

Member since May 2012

Pros: The lighting is out of this world in this game. They nailed it! During a night game with clear skies or partly cloudy the lighting is amazing. The sun reflects of the players, the fans, the umpires, and the stadiums.
2.The presentation is good as always but better than ever. They have a nice flow when your done batting you will instantly hear batter walk up music with a scene.
3. Player ratings are more realistic. Not everyone has a 99 overall with insane stats. Only three people in the game have a 99 overall. Clayton, Trout, and Miggy.
Meter pitching has improved from what I can tell. when you release to early the ball will take off on you. But if you release kinda late you will hit your target.
Cons: Hitting lol. Still can't hit for nothing even when a ball is down the middle or in their hot zones.
2. Sliders do so little.
3. AI cheese lol. I pitched a first pitch it was 1-0 braves I was the braves. It was exactly on the outside corner and so low that it wouldn't be a homer like at all. But the AI's PCI guessed perfectly not kidding. Then hit it out?! The chesse factor is in full swing in this game lol. But in the end I got 5ks with only 2 hits and that was the only run that the nationals got.

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Had the build for a great game but...

posted by SILENTKILLR3535 (BROOKFIELD, IL) Jul 22, 2014

Member since Jul 2014

This game franchise has been phenomenal. I've played THE SHOW since 2007 with Wright on the cover after his breakout year with the Mets for PS2. Every year especially online, THE SHOW is the best consistently. Like leagues with the ability to draft your own team or use other rosters that include historic players doesn't compare to the show (i.e. madden, nba live). So for me to write a bad review shows you something about this game. Honestly, the graphic are great. They get better every year. The new franchise system instead of the leagues for online takes some getting used to but is still not bad. The major issue is the fact that the server for PS3 is awful for this game. There are glitches online constantly. And considering how the game has been in the past and how it runs for PS4 it is no question that SONY and THE SHOW are doing it on purpose by not fixing these issues to force PS3 gamers to buy the PS4. I was planning to get one eventually but this extra push by not fixing issues with games going forward on the PS3 is just uncalled for, especially from a phenomenal game franchise like THE SHOW. So that was the main issue with the servers. One thing the game in general changed that is really the only bad thing about it that makes it worse is the fact that you can only see someone's card in a game lobby or if they make the leaderboards (and you go to the leaderboard page). I guess it helps because you're more likely to play everyone instead of backing out from a strong opponent but it stinks when setting up leagues and you can no longer see other people's cards on the players who need franchises and thus you cannot tell who is active or a quitter anymore as a franchise commish. Overall the game was a disappointment but it was mainly because of how high my expectations were for it and the fact that it is usually matched but this year was far below. I'm sure next year I'll probably have a PS4 and THE SHOW '15 and it will be great. But for '14 on PS3 don't bother!

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Online Gameplay is HORRIBLE

posted by GettinFilthy (DALLAS, TX) Jun 6, 2014

Member since May 2013

If you're looking to play online, you're in for a very laggy, glitchy, and frustrating experience. The ball glitches all around the field and sometimes mid-play it would glitch and become frozen and the play would finish without you ever seeing what happened. Otherwise regular gameplay is just as good as past years.

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