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American Pass time comes to the psvita

posted by megaaustin (COSTA MESA, CA) Mar 17, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

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MLB the show is the best baseball game francise and maybe the best sports game francise ever. So when they say that this game will be the same as the ps 3 version of the game minus that they take away some prestantion out of it. So I was excited because it cost $20 less and anybody psvita libery needs the show to be there. So when I got the game I was a little dispointed. It has the pulse piticing and puluse angoluge batting that it was new to the ps 3 version of this game and it has the road to the show fetures that was new to the show this year. You also have player cards for online and you can add friends after the game atleast i heard you can do that. You also can save to the cloud and load to the cloud to play road to the show, francise, and season on the psvita and ps 3 with the same player or team. And they also put in 200 new ball physics. But they don't have the dept of francise mode from the ps 3 verison of the game to the psvita. Francise mod e has these things like how much for the stadem food will cost or how many resurate and stands will there be in your staduim to make money or t.v. or newspaper contract for your team to get more fans and etc. And they did not add rival mode to the psvita version of the game and also they did not add the new diomand dynasty mode to the psvita version.

- Touch screen and back touch pad works great
- Most relistic baseball game on a handheld
- up to date rosters everyday
- Good grafics
- Lots of stats ( One of the best new stat thing is that you can see the stats you perform in road to the show against teams)
- You have quick menu

- Bad game for online play
- You can't play with ps 3 players online ( Does not matter because the game is bad online)
- It is super hard to throw sombody out when they are stealin

This is a great baseball game in your hands but don't think everything the publiser said about this game is true but overall this is closing thing so far we can get a ps 3 verson in your

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Very Good

The Real Show

posted by samsvisa (VALLEJO, CA) Mar 16, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

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Okay, so im going to tell you the Cons Pros about this game.

- Great Game.
- Up-to-date Rosters (Big thing for some people)
- Very realistic gameplay (Seriously, theyre dope!)
- Being able to pick from Season, Franchise, The Road to the Show, and the Homerun Derby.
- Addicting
- Multiplayer
- Leaderboards
- Easy Controls
- Overall a very realistic baseball game for a handheld!

- It takes forever to find a game in the lobby.
- Vita's can only play against other Vita's, not PS3's.
- I think the CPU cheats!
- Hitting is a little challenging
- Unfortunately, if you rent the game, NO multiplayer. (You either buy the game or buy the pass for 10$ in the PS store)
- Some of the servers are Effed up
- Traffic Delay in Multiplayer games.

Im not saying it's a bad game. In fact its actually VERY entertaining and fun. Just a bit of a challenge and some Cons do get annoying but nothing too serious. I say if your a true baseball fan, then it's definitely a game for you! So rent it, or buy it and rep your team(s)! But we all know the Oakland A's or San Fran Giants are gonna be 2012 World Champs ;)

Have Fun!

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Simply Amazing!

posted by kyle_32 (CAMBY, IN) Mar 7, 2012

Member since Nov 2011

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After playing through about five games I can safely say that they have done wonders with this title. I was skeptical to play it hearing "It's VERY similar to the PS3 version" and it really is that good. It feels and looks very similar to its PS3 counterpart. Its a little watered down but for the first year on Vita I cannot wait to see what they can do with the later versions! Worth a buy for sure! Love that I can take my RTTS and Franchise on the road with me. Another year, Another great baseball game from SCEA San Diego! Thank you!

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